pork cushion meat???

I bought a pkg. of pork cushion meat at the warehouse store. I asked the butcher what it was and he said it was from the shoulder area. I looked it up, and it is the tricep area on a pig. Okaayyyy. I looked for some recipes and cooking tips. Braising is recommended. So, I seared it, seasoned it and now it is in the oven, slow-roasting for dinner.
Thea Pappalardo - Mar 8, 2013
That's a new one for me. Let us know how it turns out.
Karl Strasser - Mar 8, 2013
HI diane.You can slice it and Pound it like a cuttlet.Or you can cook it like a pork shoulder.
Let us know how it is.
Diane C. - Mar 8, 2013
It made a nice roast. I put chicken stock in the bottom of the pan, and tented the pan with foil. It came out moist and tender.

The info said you could roast or braise it, and it was great for pulled pork. Since I got 2 small roasts in the pkg, I froze one for later.
I figured for $1.35 lb, I could try it.
Thea Pappalardo - Mar 8, 2013
I+'d like to look for it. Did you get it at BJ's?
Diane C. - Mar 9, 2013
I found it at Sam's club.
Thea Pappalardo - Mar 9, 2013
Thanks. I don't have a Sam's Club anywhere around here. I'll have to wait until I visit my daughter.