So very proud!

I was so proud of both Nancy Judd and Sherri Williams on the Today show "Wing" cook off!

They both were poised and their wings looked amazing!

I am lucky in that I have know Nancy Judd now for for several years as we met on the Real Woman of Philadelphia (cream cheese that is) community website and made videos and recipes together for a couple of years. Nancy was always fun and full of life and we called her our Fairy Godmother as she did a fantastic video where she actually BECAME one. She is an amazing cook!

And Sherri I had the pleasure of meeting at the World Food Cooking Championship last November and knew right from the start of seeing her smiling face that she would not be forgettable.

Both of these ladies are very special and very talented and it was so fun to watch you both on TV! Way to go gals and congrats again for getting the chance to showcase your wing recipes!!!
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Nancy Judd - Feb 11, 2013
Thank you Donna for your heart warming comments. We had the time of our life. It was SO fun and I enjoyed Sherri so much. Malcolm the other contestant too was just delightful. But then aren't all foodies (BIG smile.)It's an experience I will never forget and I have never had so much fun in New York as we did for those 3 days. I'm still running on 'high' with it all.