Saving Unused cake mix batter

I received a mini cupcake maker for Christmas. One regular size box of mix makes more cupcakes than I want at one time. Is the prepared batter safe to refrigerate and save for a few days??
JoSele Swopes - Jan 22, 2011
Here is an answer I found for you on Taste of Home site

RE: Saving cake batter
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Some you can, some are less successful.

You wouldn't want to save a batter that's leavened with air (angel food, for example)--that needs to be baked shortly after mixing.

You also wouldn't want to save batter where the leavening is baking soda and acid--that chemical reaction starts as soon as the dry ingredients are combined with liquid, and doesn't last too long.

A butter cake recipe with double-acting baking powder in it would be okay. Double-acting begins to work when the liquid is added, but it doesn't complete the leavening action until it hits the heat of the oven. So that means that your cake will rise--probably not as much as if you baked it immediately, but it won't be a total pancake, either.

How about this for a suggestion. What if you measured everything into 2 bowls--dry in one, and the rest of the ingredients in another. Then just before baking, you could combine the 2 mixtures, and beat--only a 5 minute chore--and the batter would be fresh, without taking up a lot of your time.
Susan Feliciano - Jan 22, 2011
I think the mini cupcakes would freeze well once baked. Maybe you could just bake the entire box, and freeze what you don't need. Be sure to wrap tightly and press all the air out, then store in freezer bag or container.
Mary Andorfer - Jan 23, 2011
Thanks to both of you for your comments.
JoSele Swopes - Jan 23, 2011
You are welcome hope it helps