Eggless Meatloaf recipes

My granddaughter is allergic to eggs but loves meatloaf. What can I substitute? She is a "plain" eater and does not like sauces.

I hope someone has some suggestions. Thanks.

I really enjoy your recipes and have tried quite a few and shared with friends and family.
hanan whitney - Oct 2, 2012
i just omit the eggs form my meatloaf
Pat Duran - Oct 2, 2012
You can use oatmeal or rice or instant potato flakes in place of the egg.
Straws Kitchen - Oct 2, 2012
I do as Pat suggest....use oatmeal or instant potato flakes.
Hope Wasylenki - Oct 2, 2012
One of the easiest replacements for egg as a binder is a flour-and-oatmeal mixture. Combine all-purpose or potato flour with some of the recipe's liquid, and add oatmeal to the dry ingredients. I don't know amounts for this method.

This one I know. Take 2 slices white bread and soak them in milk (or veggie broth). Squeeze most but not all of the liquid out and rip apart the soaked bread before adding it to your meat mixture - it will do the same trick as using egg would for a binder.

Good luck - we love meatloaf, too!
David Henson - Oct 3, 2012
i use bread soaked in buttermilk and squeeze it out just before assembly of the meat loaf i dont like eggs in mine!
Cheryl Chavez - Oct 8, 2012
I don't care for the oatmeal version, but I have used torn up pieces of bread soaked in milk, water or broth. I done all three and work fairly well. Don't make it too 'soupy' but kind of gloppy (if that makes any sense!)
hanan whitney - Oct 8, 2012
i use bread crumbs no eggs
virginia parrish - Oct 19, 2012
For each egg need I substitute 1 TBSP flax seed & 3 TBSP water, stir & let sit for a few minutes maybe 5-10 stir should be consistency of egg. I use it in pumpkin bread all the time.