Prayer request for a dear friend.

My high school friend went though chemo last year at the same time I did; although we had different diagnoses. She had breast cancer plus she has been dealing with leukemia for some time now.
I had non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Both of us had a PET scan earlier this year and there was no sign of our cancers.
Now she tells me she can't eat anything and she's lost about 40 lbs. They are running tests on her now to rule out colon cancer and to find out why she can't tolerate anything in her digestive tract at all. I am asking everyone to pray for her. Thank you all ahead of time for your prayers.
Also, I recently kept having chest and left shoulder pain so my cardiologist scheduled me for a right and left sided heart catherization. During the cath he found that my left descending arty was almost completely blocked and he had to insert a stent; otherwise I would have had a major heart attack at any moment. Meanwhile, as he is placing the stent I had a stroke but thank You, Jesus that I have almost no after effects except that my memory is a little worse than it already was. I am sure that was because God and the prayers of many kept me from haing any debilitaing effects.
Erlene Martin - Sep 6, 2012
my prayers to you and your friend
Nadine Barber - Sep 6, 2012
prayers sent for both you and your friend
Denise soles - Sep 7, 2012
Prayers go out for your friend and also yourself that a healing will be done.
Margie Metz - Sep 11, 2012
Thank you so much for the prayers and concern. I am doing well and am waiting to hear a good report from my friend as well.