Leftover Tilapia!

I always overguess when buying fish. I always have it left over. My husband is SUPER picky about leftovers, so many times this extra fish goes to waste. A week ago, I lightly breaded some tilapia in bread crumbs, and pan fried it. It was AWESOME! As usual, I had leftovers, which I grudgingly put in the fridge, KNOWING that they'd be thrown away within a few days.

The next night I was going to make something with black beans and rice. Hold on a minute, I thought - what if....and here's what I did...

First, I sauteed onions and sweet peppers in a large saute pan, along with a bit of garlic and salt. Then I put the leftover rice in, and poured chicken broth over it while heating on med low. I drained and rinsed a can of black beans, added it to the rice mixture. I took my leftover green beans and threw those in too. I then placed my leftover pan fried tilapia on top of that concoction, covered it and let it warm up.

My family LOVED it. Not one piece of tilapia leftover. Yay!

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