Ooops Forgot Something

My boyfriend is not a big sweet eater, but his favorite dessert is pumpkin pie. He looks forward to it every Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Now I make a great pumpkin pie, and the night before Thanksgiving I made the pie, rolled out the pie crust, mixed all the ingredients and baked it.
Thanksgiving day was here, we had a great meal and about an hour after dinner he reached into the fridge to get his pie out. He stood at the counter and said ''I hate to cut this, it looks like it should be in a magazine''. I am sitting there so proud that he is going to have his favorite dessert.
He cut a big piece and sat down to enjoy this beautiful pie. He took a big bite, put it in his mouth and ohhh if you could have seen the look on his face, his face all scrunched up, and he finally was able to swallow it. He looked at me and said ''taste this and tell me what is wrong''. I took a bite....Ohhhh, I forgot to put sugar in the beautiful pie. Not one ounce of sugar.
We have laughed about this since then, but now when I make my pumpkin pies, he watches to make sure the sugar goes in.
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Diane Reiner - Aug 31, 2012
I sometimes grind my spices such as fennel seed, dried rosemary, and dried Italian seasoning. That said, here's my sad story! lol
I'd just been married to my hubby for a short time (this is many years ago). I made one of my hubby's favorite dinners, spaghetti and meatballs. We sat down to eat and as he put the first bite in his mouth, he didn't even chew, he just turned and looked at me and I could tell there was something wrong. He said it tasted like cumin. I assured him that I hadn't. He ate quite a bit of it but I could tell he didn't enjoy it one bit! Later I checked and I sure had used the cumin by mistake! I've never admitted it to him, even after all these years! LOL