Granny's Cookbook

I have my granny's cookbook. It's a hardcover ledger book and each recipe is handwritten by her. If she were alive today she would be 113 years old, so some of these recipes are at least 90 years old. I'll post some of them when I'm not so busy. My favourite is 'Campbell Soup Cake', which is made with a tin of tomato soup and various spices and raisins, always frosted with maple icing.

Memories ..... sigh .....
Susan Feliciano - Aug 10, 2012
I can hardly wait to see some of the recipes from that cookbook! You have a real treasure.
Mu Aunt Tour, several of whose recipes I have posted, was born in 1910, and would be over 102 now. She passed away just a few days before her 101st birthday. Her cooking was out of this world. She made the best biscuits:
Aunt Tour's Made-From-Scratch Biscuits
Straws Kitchen - Aug 10, 2012
I am doing that for my Grands...instead of publishing the recipes on here, I'm hand writing them just the way the "ladies who have gone before us did it".
Susan Feliciano - Aug 10, 2012
I'm making special cookbooks for my girls. I will give them copies printed from Just A Pinch. I haven't seen a published one yet, but people say they are nice.
susan simons - Aug 16, 2012
This recipe was handed down from my Grandmother who turned 101 in January. Beef Brisket Barbeque .. I plan on hand writing both my boys cookbooks of their favorite recipes, I'd like to do it in scrapbook form as to include pictures but I like the idea of hand written on notbook pages.
Susan Feliciano - Aug 17, 2012
I love the Beef Brisket Barbeque recipe, Susan. I'm going to make it tonight! I guess marinating in the fridge all day will work OK.