cleaning an aluminum coffee pot

Hi Everyone, hope someone can help me here. I just went "thrifting" and found a 30 cup coffee urn in very good condition for $3.75. It's aluminum, with the outside having a textured swirl pattern to it. The inside looks as though it had been barely used. But I would like to give it a good cleaning and polish it up if I can. Seems I remember being able to clean aluminum by boiling water with cream of tartar to take out any stains. Does that sound familiar? I normally use Barkeeper's Friend for scrubbing any of my pots & pans but they're all stainless steel and I don't want to take off the finish, so if you've got an idea for that, I'd like to hear it. Meantime, I'll be checking a book I bought from Reader's Digest several years ago that gives you helpful hints on cleaning, gardening, etc. using household items like vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, stuff like that.
Thanks gals
sue fitschen - Jun 19, 2012
How do i open my notifications in my Utensil Drawer?
Pat DiMercurio - Jun 19, 2012
Sue, its pretty simple; click on "open" (the drawer) & then any of your notifications from different groups you've joined. If you get "comments", when you arrow onto that particular message, another window will open and you can then scooch over and open those with a click of your mouse
Pat DiMercurio - Jun 19, 2012
OK, I love those "Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things" books. I found the cream of tartar one; 2 tsp cream of tartar mixed with 1 qt water and boil in the aluminum pan/pot you want to clean for about 10 minutes.
For the outside of my coffee pot I cut a fresh lemon in half and rubbed the outside, then rinsed and polished with a soft cloth. There were a few patches of that kind of dull greasy stuff you get sometimes so I rubbed the lemon in a little baking soda and "scoured" the spot. That seemed to do the trick. Looks brand new. :)