Question about self-rising flour and baking mix differences

Can someone tell me how to convert recipes from all purpose flour to----rising flour or -------baking mix like Bisquick. If I knew what to leave off on which ones, it would be helpful in saving time. Hope someone understands these differences. Thanks!! Eva
Angelique Lorgus - Dec 29, 2010
Hi Eva!

I use self rising flour for lots of things. It really helps to cut out extra ingredients that you might not always have around the house. When I want to make a recipe that has regular flour in it I usually cut out the baking powder, baking soda, and salt that the recipe may call for. Self Rising Flour already has leavening and salt in it, so you end up not needing those ingredients. I like to bake with the self rising flour instead most times because it seems to make my cookies come out softer and my cakes come out better.
Bea L. - Dec 29, 2010
Angelique, that is the perfect answer. Good job!
Eva Warner - Dec 29, 2010
Thanks Angelique! That's good to know.. Hi Bea, welcome to the Inquiring Group!

I've wondered if I could get away with making the switch to self-rising & save steps. I had no idea it would work so well with cookies. Do you still have to sift the flour, Anglique??

Does anybody know about the difference in self-rising flour & Jiffy/Bisquick?

Thanks for participating. I look forward to learning & sharing some shortcuts I've learned too :D
Kathy Sterling - Dec 30, 2010
Good question, I am glad to know about the differences also.
Bea L. - Dec 30, 2010
Today's flour really doesn't require sifting. I like using the brand "White Lilly" because it is so silky. Most Walmarts sell it so give it a try if you can find it.

As far as bisquick is concerned I only use it to make sausage cheese balls. It's not a flour but a baking mix. Some people make biscuits and pancakes with it. You cannot interchange bisquick with flour. If a cake recipes calls for flour do not use bisquick. Hope this helps.
Rebecca Klingbeil - Dec 31, 2010
Actually, I'm usually trying to go the other way - FROM baking mix TO flour and other ingredients. However - our family can use Jiffy Baking Mix (Bisquick has additives we can't eat), so...

But... I have a book that includes 'recipes' for making your own mixes - I can look up what they put in their baking mix 'mix' and maybe that will help you.
Eva Warner - Dec 31, 2010
Thanks ladies! I use Jiffy for pancakes & muffins. I wondered if I could use it for cookies. I've also been unclear about the flour differences. Now, I think I'll just use self-rising flour to cut the prep. May everyone have a happy & safe New Year's Eve!
Rebecca Klingbeil - Jan 1, 2011
Okay.. I'll have to go dig it out, but somewhere I have a recipe for a 'cookie mix' that you can make several different types of cookies from - you mixed up the dry ingredient 'mix' and kept it on hand; and then added different 'finishing ingredients' to make different cookies when you wanted them.
Angelique Lorgus - Jan 2, 2011

I use the Bisquick for the same thing, and only that. I don't really care for biscuits made with the stuff, and I have found that it doesn't suit my needs for pancakes or anything else. I do however like Jiffy mixes, they have a better flavor to me.
Eva Warner - Jan 2, 2011
Hi everybody! Rebecca, I sure hope you can find that recipe. I've heard of it. My mother had it & was going to give it to me, but lost it.. I remember it being a base where you could add chocolate chips, oats & raisins, & maybe something else, then your wet ingredients.. Sounded so handy to me. Hope you find it!!

Back on Jiffy, I discovered I could make wonderful muffins without even using a recipe. I'd just use a couple of c of Jiffy. Then, 1-2 eggs. tsp vanilla. I'd add mashed up bananas with pecans or raisins & spices or chocolate chips, etc. Then I'd add a little milk. Just enough to make a thick batter. You don't want it thin. Don't over-mix it either or they won't rise properly.. It's just a fast way to make muffins without going to a muffin mix. I also added ~l/2 c of splenda or sugar for sweetening.. They're easy, quick & you can do anything with them!
Cheryl Walker - Jan 8, 2011
you may also substitute for 1 cup cake flour by using 1 cup minus 2 Tablespoons of all-purpose flour.
For thickening:instead of 1 Tablespoon cornstarch-2 Tablespoons flour or 4 teaspoons quick-cooking tapioca.
need buttermilk ? substitute 1 Tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar plus 1 cup regular milk let stand 5 min
recipe call for 1 whole egg/ substitute 2 egg yolks
if recipe calls for 1 Tablespoon fresh herbs substitute 1 teaspoon dried herbs
1 teaspoon dry mustard = 1 Tablespoon prepared mustard.
1 chocolate square = 1 ounce
I have many cook books with substitutions so if I can help and or find it I will be happy to.
Cheryl Walker - Jan 8, 2011
want to make your own instant hot chocolate mix?
In large container (recommend plastic sealable)
mix nestle chocolate dry mix with 9.6 oz box carnation milk,coffee mate next size down from 16 oz May add small marshmallows or whatever you would like.makes a large batch.
Cheryl Walker - Jan 8, 2011
all the ingredients for the hot chocolate are dry ingredients,forgot to be specific.
Eva Warner - Jan 12, 2011
Wow! Thanks for all the info., Cheryl..

One question: on your hot chocolate mix.. The nestle chocolate dry mix you mentioned... does that have sugar in it? or is it cococa? I was just thinking of how I could do this with a sugar substitute. My mother's diabetic. Funny you mentioned this recipe. I was thinking how neat it would be to make a big batch of it, but Mom had lost her old recipe we always used.. Thanks!
Cheryl Walker - Jan 13, 2011
I generally make it with nestle quik regular brand as I am allergic to dietery and substitute sugars I believe they may also make a sugar free quik but am not certain.What you may want to do is look on a can of quik and get their 800 # they would be happy to answer questions and if they do sell it ask what stores in your area carry it ,they will look it up for you.
While I am on the subject of 800 #s ladies and gentlemen please do not be shy about letting your favorite brands know how happy you are with their products,I do and now recieve coupons from the companies in order to ensure I continue buying their brands.
This also works for pet foods just ask them to send you coupons and they will.