Two Day Carb Cleanse

Hi everybody. When I go on a carb crazy frenzy, I do this carb cleanse that I have found on here. It has really come to my rescue many times. I loose anywhere between 5 to 10 pounds each time. Then I am able to get back to my weight watchers plan. (And believe it or not, I am not hungry at all when I do this.)

2-day diet; and you can only stay on it for 2 days at a time

This really works! Today and tomorrow I am on it again. This is my 5th time using it. I have been doing it once a week or every other week depending on my needs.
Linda A.... - over a year ago
How long have you been doing low carb and how much weight have you lost??Once you do this 2 day diet ,and,then go back to your regular low carb,do you find you continue to lose??!!
Shelley Simpson - over a year ago
I am on Weight Watchers....and during Easter...I was a naughty girl. So I did this 2-day diet...and it brought me down ten pounds. A little less weight than I was before Easter. So I thought I'd give this a try again when I would hit a platou on Weight Watchers. Again, it worked. I continue going to Weight Watchers, but, when things don't seem to move along, I have been doing this. I guess it changes it up enough to make my body lose fat. I did some reading up on it and what it is doing, is, while you are ingesting basically protein only at this time, it makes your body burn from stored fat in your body. If you are eating carbs along with your protein, your body will burn the carbs that you are eating while digesting the protein.
So that is why only two days at a time. You still need carbs. But, to jumpstart or move yourself off a platou, this works and makes your body say, Hay! I need to burn up some fat from this body storage to use as energy to help in this digestion of protein.
Shelley Simpson - over a year ago
I am not on a Low Carb Diet. I do Weight Watchers and follow their plan to a "T". However, during the holiday, I fell off the program and thought, Oh NO! So I tried this for the two days before I went for my weigh in at my Weight Watchers. And I was saved. Down ten pounds, giving me a few pound loss for my weigh-in. (The ten pounds minus the weight that I gained over Easter)
Linda A.... - over a year ago
Thanks Shelley!
Good info! Wonder how it will work for one who has already been doing low carb??(I probably am not as TIGHT to it as at first though,so,maybe it WILL jump start me burning fat again)!!Thanks again and much success!
Marcia Lesman - over a year ago
I am a diabetic and I also lost a kidney due to a malignant tumor, when that happened my blood sugar went sky high, so I started cutting out carbs from my diet and lost about 40 lbs. I recentley quit smoking and gained 30 lbs because of it, I go crazy when ever I pass Sweetwaters donut mill. I am going back to my diet and I just wanted to let you know that I have discovered that there are so many carbs out there, that you don't realize are there. I cut out all starches except for oatmeal. I need my oatmeal with fruit in the morning to keep me satisfied throughout the day. For my noon meal I ususally have a yogurt or something like fruit or salad, then for supper I eat any kind and as much meat as I want as long as it is not breaded. You have to watch your veggies too because some have a lot of carbs. Like beets, carrots, peas, corn. I stick pretty much to green veggies, Absolutley no potatoes. I also have to walk and it helps curb my appetite. I have found that when I try to stay away from carbs, sometimes I really crave them, so I buy the bags of Russell Stover sugar free candies and that helps a lot. If anyone has any good hints for me, I would really appreciate it.
Cheryl Spurlock - over a year ago
I'm going to try this and see if it will help me. I'm having so much trouble losing this weight. It goes on so easy, but, takes forever to get off.
Nora Hughes - over a year ago
If you're on a Adkins and not losing you should try his "Fat
Fast". I don't know if they (Adkins people) still recommend it but its in his older books.
I've been eating way too many carbs recently (although I just lost 8 lbs by not eating but twice a day) so this should help me get cravings under control.
Thanks for posting it!