My thoughts on potlucks

When I was growing up my daddy was a preacher so we attended many a potluck dinner on Sunday afternoons. The ladies preparing the food were small town cooks and they knew what they were doing and they took potluck cooking very seriously. I'm proud to say that that same mindset was drilled into me and now I'm never more in my element than when cooking for a church potluck. I always remember the rules my mother taught me about potluck cooking. 1) Too much is always better than not enough and 2) Always prepare and take enough food to feed your whole family plus two more people. If everyone does that, then you know there will always be enough food to feed the crowd.

So it is with this love of cooking for potlucks I created this group. Happy cooking everyone!!
Annette W. - Feb 4, 2012
GREAT idea Sugar. I love potlucks. For me it's 2 things. One, I love coming up with a recipe so good or maybe something not quite the norm that people will really enjoy or rave about and two, I love to see and try all the different things that others bring. I have some great recipes for potlucks in my recipe file. Check them out if you get a chance. I have tested MANY of them on potlucks. In fact, we have a game playing, potluck group we go to once a month. I'm going to LOVE this
Mrs D - Feb 4, 2012
Oh I love trying to take something a bit unexpected too. And then trying new dishes at the potluck and trying to figure out what's in them and how they're made, lol! Your potluck group sounds like fun ~ thanks for joining! :-)
Bob Wakeman - Feb 4, 2012
I do a lot of potluck cooking for church to this day.And i am always looking for new ideas. I just know i'll find some through you great cooks.
Joyce Newman - Feb 9, 2012
I love potluck dinners and I love to make casserole dishes! This group sounds perfect!
Karla Babin - Feb 11, 2012
I need all the help I can get with Potluck ideas for our church. Also if anyone has any ideas about organizing potluck dinners, I am all ears. Our church could use a few new ideas. Thanks for starting this discussion.
Mrs D - Feb 11, 2012
Karla, what kind of organization questions do you have? My church runs a very organized kitchen and we have lots of potlucks as well as planned dinners. I'm sure I could give you some advice, but first, what are your questions?
Vicki Bauer - Feb 17, 2012
Potlucks are fun and a great opportunity to experiment on someone other than your family. The most amazing thing about our quilters guild potluck is we don't worry about if we're going to have enough appetizers, entrees, salads, breads, desserts ... and we always have exactly what we need. I'm just waiting for the day when everyone shows up with desserts! Last year one of the members brought in what everyone thought was a cheese tray. Nothing like a bite of cheese to hold your appetite until it's time to eat. What a surprise when that cheese turned out to be Orange Fudge!
Karla Babin - Feb 20, 2012
I am a pastors wife at a Deaf Church. We have a lot of people on limited income. Which doesn't stop Deaf church members from doing a great job with being creative but at the same time we could use some recipes that do not require pricey ingredients. Also I am not the most organized person in the world so I would love to have a better plan for setting up who brings main dishes, side dishes and desserts. We do have themes, like Italian, Mexican, for example but just wondering if there is a system we could follow that would make this all somewhat easier. Am I making sense? LOL! Heeelp! ~karla
Mrs D - Feb 20, 2012
Karla, what we do is we will usually have two people "in charge" of a given potluck dinner. (And these people will rotate with others so the same people aren't having to do it each time.) They will take a few moments to get together and decide an approximate number of main dishes we would need, sides, desserts or any other catagories that are called for. They will make up a sign up sheet labeled with each catagory we will need and numbered for the minimum number of those we will need. The sign up sheet gets passed around about a week before the meal and everyone signs up. It's easy to see what we already have enough of and what we need more of.

About a day and a half before our potluck, the ladies in charge of the list will call or email or text those on the list with a reminder of what they signed up for. Or sometimes some of them will simply write in on a slip of paper and give it to us on say ~ a Wednesday night for the Sunday potluck. We can put it on the fridge as a reminder.

Also, we try to keep our church kitchen stocked with a few things like salad dressings, sour cream, butter, things like that. That way, if we need something like that at a meal, it's there and waiting. These items are sometimes purchased with church funds but also are brought by members as well. If we find a good sale on something like that, many times members will pick up one extra to go into the church kitchen. So when it's time for a potluck, we can all concentrate on the items we are making and not have to put out extra funds for the odds and ends that are still needed ~ because they are usually already there.

Sometimes we will have a potluck get-together that isn't a full blown potluck. Like in the summer, we'll have an ice cream social. Several people will make a bucket of homemade ice cream and others will sign up for a bottle of chocolate sauce, someone else will bring sprinkles, usually a few ladies will make a pan of brownies, things like that. Everyone leaves full and happy and the expense to each individual was very minimal.

I hope these ideas help! :0)