monarch spices

Does any one know if you can still get Monarch Spices my aunt in oklahoma was trying to find it on the net i've looked Help!!
Laurie Sanders - Jan 24, 2012
It would appear that the Monarch brand has been acquire by US Foods and in particular their North Star Foodservice division.

If you can even get them anymore, they are most likely sold to wholesalers or specicially the foodservice industry.

They acquired the Monarch trademark in 2010 in would appear:

My guess would be that there is no longer a Monarch Spice line for sale to the general public but I don't know that for sure. This was all I could turn up on Monarch.
Laurie Sanders - Jan 24, 2012
Milliee Rupp - Jan 24, 2012
Monarch brand seasonings are available only to restaurants and foodservice institutions that buy directly from U.S. Foodservice. :(

got the info here under resources