How to keep ice off your car windows!

I'm told this works but I have never tried it.
After you park your car for the night, wipe down your windows and windshield with undiluted white vinegar. It will keep frost and ice from building.
Diane Hopson Smith - Oct 16, 2011
Thanks for sharing, I'll give it a try next time a frost is expected.
Teresa Jacobson - Oct 16, 2011
Let me know if it really works!
Diane Hopson Smith - Oct 16, 2011
May be a while but I will try it.
Robin T - Oct 19, 2011
Teresa, thanks for sharing this tip...I will try it & let you know if it works (unfortunately, because I live in CT, I will probably be trying it much sooner than the rest of you, lol)
marie stone - Nov 12, 2011
this really works try it!!!!