Beginner Cook

Okay girls! Hi! my name is Rita. I'm not a great cook but this website has me all excited with all the recipes and with pics..I'm looking forward to testing out some, does anybody know of a group for cooking beginners? thanks a bunch!
Karen Farmer - Sep 11, 2011
Hello Rita! I have found cooks will all different levels of experience here. I do not know of a group just for new cooks, but I can tell you from experience that people are willing to help. There are a couple of groups that you may get a faster response in than others just due to their amount of activity. There is a group for "general questions" and another "looking for" group. Just ask or talk away! I have found lots of help here...LOL
L D - Sep 11, 2011
Hi Rita! Welcome! If you go to "Town Square" and browse the groups,you'll find groups you might be interested in joining. Also on Town Square to the left you'll see the newest groups,keep an eye out,someone is always creating a new group. Jump right in!
Jane Whittaker - Sep 12, 2011
Welcome Rita you will gain so much info from this group of cooks.
The recipes are for the most part made by real people and have stood the test of time. Most of the recipes aren't complicated either. If you can read, you can cook, it's just that simple.
I would recommend the Troed and True for you because the recipes are aill actually made by people.
I have been cooking a long time and I come to just a Pinch for any recipe that I want to make now instead of a mag article or a cookbook.
Rita Ann Perez - Sep 12, 2011
Thank you ladies! I will definitely take your suggestions and check them out. So looking forward to getting to know you all! :) Cheerios! Rita
Karla Everett - Sep 19, 2011
Hi Rita , and welcome to JAP. I'm sure you will do fine with most of the recipes here on JAP , everyone explains their instructions really good.

Here is a link to a group for beginners :
And I have a group for coconut , if you might be interested in checking that one out too :