Cloudy water in pickles

Hi everyone !!

I'm new to canning and made some dills. But the water clouded up and my garlic turned bluish green. YIKES Someone said it was fine it happen to them too. But I wanted to check with a few others before trying them.I did miss the part on not using metal pan so I was thinking that might be my problem. Any ideas out there ???? I don't want death by dill pickle ....LOL

Jane Whittaker - Sep 8, 2011
LOL you must use canning salt.
I just checked my Ball Blue Book and it said that it was:
1 food spoilage
2 minerals in water
3 fillers in table salt
Penney Goodwin - Sep 8, 2011
LOL...yes pickling salt ! I trued to do everything right :( Doesnt look like mold just a pretty color...heehee ! You think its ok then ?!?! Hope Hope Hope
Penney Goodwin - Sep 8, 2011
Penney Goodwin - Sep 8, 2011
OOOOOO....I found something ..
Very good new on the very bottom !! Im good to go !!
Peggi Anne Tebben - Sep 8, 2011
I would say like Jane said. Most uaually it is food spoilage when mine clouds up. Occasionally mine will cloud up & I think it is the minerals in the water. I always use canning salt. The local Amish women never use canning salt & never have any problems though. But, I always use it, just in case. I will read the article Penny.
Penney Goodwin - Sep 9, 2011
Oh they are the BEST Ever pickles in the world. If fact my son and a friend of mine were here and the jar is half empty already so I made them help me make more !! LOL
Peggi Anne Tebben - Sep 9, 2011
Well, glad of that Penny!
Jane Whittaker - Sep 10, 2011
My grandson Mike and daugh in law loved dill pickles and they could finish a jar off in no time. My daught in law was a chemist and asked me if they were hard to do. LOL
This is my grannies recipe.
Grannie Lee's Dill Pickles
Jo Ann McFarlane - Sep 10, 2011
Hi Penney I had this happen to me because I didn't think the water made a difference. I used tap water which is pretty hard where I live. I now purchase distilled water (not bottled)and my pickles are clear. Regarding the garlic, it could be that the garlic was immature. But again, I think it may have been the water you used. It sounds like it is hard and there was a chemical reaction. You can try boiling water to remove the minerals but for the price of distilled water ($1.09 Wal-Mart for 4 litres) I just purchase it. I feel your pain. I had a batch of peaches last year that developed a white foamy substance on top. Needless to say I tossed them. A lot of effort goes into canning and when something doesn't turn out it is so disappointing.
Penney Goodwin - Sep 10, 2011
Thanks everyone ! I'm going to check out Grannie's right now Jane !