I've fallen off the wagon! Didn't even see it coming!

Good afternoon everyone! So things are moving along. It's finally starting to feel less like winter and more like summer around here. Such is life in the Midwest! I haven't been doing very well with taking care of body, mind and spirit these days. No exercise, a lot of eating junk food on the fly, and stress, stress, stress, from work and school and remodeling the living room and bathroom which will finally be completely done on the 13th. (the remodel, not work and school) So it's time to regroup and get organized and back on track.

1. What are some things you all do to make healthy eating on the go quick and easy?

2. What are some other tips you might share about how you keep your busy lives organized and running smoothly?
Blondie Pussycat - Jun 2, 2019
Amy~I haven't bought snack food at the grocery store in weeks. I don't eat out unless it is a special occasion. When I cook my food I know what is going into it and I buy organic, or at least non-GMO. I don't work out of the home. If I know I'm going to be away from home for several hours, I take my food with me. It's now the season that I can stop at a park to eat and enjoy the scenery, then go to my next errand. That's the only way I can stay on track. Obviously, I don't know your schedule or how close you would be near a safe park, but I live very near parks, streams, and beautiful mountains.
Amy Herald - Jun 2, 2019
I love nature, but living in the Metro-Detroit area, it's pretty much just one small city stacked on top of another around here, not a lot in the way of nature! It's Michigan, so of course we actually have tons of beautiful scenery, lakes, forests, fields etc. But I have to drive 40 minutes to get to any of it. There is a city park or two nearby that isn't too bad. That's a great suggestion! Thanks Blondie!
Lee Thayer - Jun 3, 2019
Ok, Amy, first thing, relax. Now that is coming from a Retired Navy Vet (in paradise), but hear me out.

1. Relax.

2. Look at everything that you do not control, the kitchen remodeling, is it up to your standard? If not, why are they working for you?

3. Yep, you live in MI, I was born and raised there, there is more to MI than Detroit, you already have that figured out.

4. Get off the processed foods, cooking fresh, as you know, is better, takes more time, but that goes back step 1.

5. Important step, and I had a Navy Chief stand before the Captain on our ship (Captain's Mast) in defense of his kid, his words, and I live be these "if no on died, what's the harm?"

6. Same Chief told me when I was a new Chief, if work is not to your expectation, "if you expect others to produce your results, you are mistaken, you need to do it yourself."

You need to relax, eat better, and read these step ;)
Maggie ^O^ - Jun 3, 2019
My suggestion would be first of all to not beat yourself up.

We fall off track sometimes .. that doesn't mean it's over. Just get back on and move forward.

Trying to keep better choices handy and not such good choices either out of the house or in a harder to get to place will help.

I've not done it for a long time but when I was writing down everything I ate I found that it made me stop and think about it first.

I also made a list of things to consume during the day .. crossed it off the list when it was eaten. If it wasn't on the list I didn't eat it. I really need to get back to that list !

The usual suspects for quick snacks .. keep fresh fruits and vegies prepped and ready to eat so they are grab and go. Get yourself a cute little insulated lunch box or bag and prep it the night before .. then grab and go. At least with a few good choices when you must eat out you will find you are less able to eat so much bad stuff.

If you do bottled water try this ... drink half the water. Then put some lemon or other fruit into it. Lay it on it's side and put it into the freezer overnight. The next morning just fill it with water and you have a cold refreshing drink to sip on during the day. If you slide it into one of those can koozies it will stay cold .. and maybe even partly frozen .. all day long.

Most importantly .. don't get discouraged and try not to be so hard on yourself :)
Melanie B - Jun 3, 2019
Maggie- I agree with several things you said- "We fall off track sometimes .. that doesn't mean it's over. Just get back on and move forward."

and most especially "I've not done it for a long time but when I was writing down everything I ate I found that it made me stop and think about it first."
I was on Weight Watchers years ago. Our leader's motto was "If you bite it, you write it". I find it really helps me hold myself accountable for what I'm eating when I write it down. (I use My fitness Pal online) I might look at a piece of chocolate and really want it, but then I think to myself, do I really want to write it down? And usually I would choose not to eat the bad thing.
I really need to get back to that. I am off processed foods and mainly cook at home.

This weekend I took a walk in the National Battlefield park with my son and granddaughter. I need to start doing that more. I thought it would be really hot, but amazingly, it wasn't. I guess with all the trees for shade, it made it much cooler than I expected.

I also pack my lunch the night before. Everything is on one part of the shelf ready to go in my lunch bag with an ice pack. Freezing 1/2 a container of water (or whatever beverage) then topping it off in the morning is a great idea. I freeze bottles of water for my road trips to KS. They are my ice packs for my lunch, then they are my drinking water later that day or the next day.

But most importantly, what Lee said- relax! Don't beat yourself up. We all fall off, just get back to it.
Amy Herald - Jun 3, 2019
Great advice guys! I agree about writing it down. That can help so much!
Nor Mac - Jun 10, 2019
I hate to say this. But, trying to stay off just a pinch keeps me on the wagon. Drink more water before a meal. Stick to grocery list. Not making a list before shopping sabotages my goals.
Nor Mac - Jun 11, 2019
As for eating on the go. I like to make tacos with low-carb wraps. Just reheat the meat. I have lettuce chopped Buy lean turkey and ham for wraps. Buy the salad kits in the store. I like the Asian chopped salad. Just add chicken. Buy Perdu short cuts.