Happy Easter!

I baked my favorite Easter thing, Hot Cross Buns! This time I used my own recipe and I mixed-up two separate batches and I decided to use Bread Flour, King Arthur brand, in place of the All-Purpose Flour. They do come out a bit different, a bit more chewy, which I like very much. I used raisins in one batch, and diced candied dry fruit in the other batch. I purposely made them a little smaller, and only put twelve on each baking sheet, so they baked in about fifteen minutes. Now I have to decide if I will share them or freeze them!
Mary R Morris - Apr 20, 2019
I like King Aruthar flour it is my favorite and one thing about it is you can get it at Walmart. I order a lot of stuff from King Arthur. They have a spray I can't beat it
Julia Ferguson - Apr 20, 2019
Beth, I like King Arthur flour, as well. YUM!, Hot Cross Buns. I went to a local bakery on Friday and picked up 1 doz. Hot Cross Buns, oh my goodness are they good. I also bought a new jar of yeast, and a box of currants. I have plans to make Hot Cross Buns, again. I think we should have them year round.
Enjoy your Hot Cross Buns, and Happy Easter.