Patriots Day and the Boston Marathon

We've had rain and a thunderstorm down here on the island, but it is moving out to sea, and the weather seems to be improving where the race began. I hope it is a great race day for all those who participate! Boston Strong!
Linda Smith - Apr 15, 2019
My neighbor is there participating
Beth M. - Apr 16, 2019
It's an amazing event, when you think of the weather conditions and the hills, and distance they run! I am impressed with a couple of young women from the island who take part in it, one has run in the marathon for sixteen years; and the other is a volunteer in one of the medical tents at the finish line. There are so many dedicated people involved.
Linda Smith - Apr 17, 2019
I I have no idea how long my neighbor has been training but I know she's entered a lot of runs so she's been added a while I can still see her running past my house 9 months pregnant I don't know how she did it she has two beautiful children a boy and a girl.