Renée G. @ReneeCooks posted in Cheers!
Mar 11, 2018

What company has used the slogan “You are now free to move about the country”?

Delta Air Lines
JetBlue Airways
Southwest Airlines
United Airlines





Answer: Southwest immortalized the advertising tagline "you are now free to move about the country," a line that underscored the point that Southwest offered cheap fares so just about anyone could travel. The slogan is accompanied by a “DING!” noise and is a take-off on a pilot’s frequent line of “You are now free to move about the cabin.” Southwest Airlines began in 1967 as a low-cost airline based in Dallas, serving Houston and San Antonio. It is now one of the largest airlines in the United States. The airline's current slogan is "Low fares. Nothing to hide."
J. White Harris - Mar 11, 2018
Got that one.
Debbie Sue - Mar 11, 2018
Me too!
Andy Anderson ! - Mar 11, 2018
I fly too much... got it :-)
Jean Fisher - Mar 11, 2018
Got it. We used to fly Southwest quite a bit. It flew non stop to Seattle. When we went to Seattle this last time in September, we flew Alaska Airlines.
Renée G. - Mar 11, 2018
I don't fly about the country or out of the country these days, but I knew this one...guess I watch too much TV and the commercials.
Linda Smith - Mar 11, 2018
I had no Idea I very seldom travel.
Sharon Colyer - Mar 12, 2018
I didn't remember.
Melanie B - Mar 12, 2018
I knew this one. When I need to fly, I almost always us Southwest these days. There are no extra baggage fees, and the ticket is almost always lower than the other airlines.
Connie Ottman - Mar 12, 2018
Got this one.
Andy Anderson ! - Mar 12, 2018
The only thing I do not like about SouthWest is that they do not have a First or Business Class section.
Andy Anderson ! - Mar 12, 2018
Flying Southwest brought this to mind…

I was on a SW flight to Seattle, and across the aisle a dude was sitting in the middle seat, reading a newspaper, and an official-looking sign in the aisle seat said: Reserved Seat. I thought that was strange, because I had never seen that before…

Then, I noticed that every time one of the flight attendants came by, he would put down his paper, and cover the sign. So, I figured he had made the sign, so that no one would sit next to him, and he covered it to keep the crew from seeing it.

So, I pushed the attendant bell, and the flight attendant came over… he had already covered the sign up. And I asked as innocently as possible as to why a seat was reserved.

She said: What seat?

I said: That one over there.

She peeled the newspaper off the sign, and tore the sign up in his face.

Boy, was he ticked :-)
Melanie B - Mar 12, 2018
HA! What a clown! Good for you, Andy.
Renée G. - Mar 12, 2018
Too bad he wasn't tossed right off the flight!
Andy Anderson ! - Mar 12, 2018
Well, here is one of my favorite flight stories...

I was flying out to Hawaii to do a lecture, and I was in business first class. I was on the aisle, and a lady was on the window. We had not taken off yet, and I enjoying an “adult” beverage, when she asked me I would mind changing seats with her husband, as they could not get adjoining seats.

I said that is fine, and as I was getting out of the seat, he almost pushed me out of the way. I asked him where is seat was, and he say dismissively, 47B.

I said excuse me, but that is a middle seat in coach… he ignores me and begins talking to his wife.

I said, Sir, I am not giving up my seat in business first for a coach seat… he ignores me and keeps talking to his wife.

I go up to the flight attendants and tell them the story, and she tells the man to vacate my seat.

He says… AND GET THIS. My agreement to give him my seat constitutes a legal verbal agreement, and he would not give up the seat.

She leans over, and says: Sir, if you do not return to coach, I will have the federal marshals physically remove you from this plane.

He got up and pushed me out of the way, and almost knocked me into the someone the next aisle.

After we took off, his wife was so obnoxious that the flight attendant relocated me to another seat in business first.

That was a flight to remember :-)
Melanie B - Mar 12, 2018
Yikes!! I don't fly too much these days, but I've never had a really bad experience like that before.