P D Q Chocolate....where can I find it, if at all

My Grandma Dougan made the most wonderful molasses cookies w/bugs (raisins) and after they cooled she would frost them with a choco frosting she made w/ PDQ Chocolate..
Thanks for any help...Carol
Jessica Hannan - Jul 12, 2011
From Wikipedia.com:

PDQ Chocolate was a popular drink mix in the 1960s and 1970s. It was manufactured by Ovaltine. It has been sold as "PDQ Chocolate Flavor Beads" and "PDQ Choco Chips." "Egg Nog Flavored PDQ" and "Strawberry PDQ" were also available. These flavored beads and chips were used to mix with milk or to sprinkle over ice cream.

The jar lids from the PDQ jars and the jars themselves show up on eBay once in a while. PDQ used to put out different series of jar lids, such as "Endangered Species" and "Famous Automobiles." In 1983, a series of "Marvel Super Heroes" stickers came with the PDQ mixes. The Marvel characters in the series were Captain America, Hulk, Power Man, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Thor, Fantastic Four (Invisible Girl and The Thing), and X-Men (Wolverine and Storm). During the 1970s, comic strip advertisements would also appear in the Sunday comics featuring "Petey Q." and his favorite drink: PDQ Chocolate flavored milk.

PDQ drink mixes were becoming hard to find in the late 1980s. Ovaltine discontinued the PDQ products about 1995 or 1996.

The closest thing available now is Benco Instant Choco Drink which is sold in Europe. Benco is manufactured in the Netherlands. It tastes very similar to the PDQ Chocolate drink mixes. The Benco Instant Choco Drink mixes have also been available on eBay for those in the United States who may be interested.
Carol Duman - Jul 12, 2011
Thanks for the info..I have a co-worker from Germany who has family there..I will ck w/her to see if I can get some Benco Instant Choco Drink...I am excited now..I have Grandma Cookie recipe, this is a wonderful thing. ;0)
Donna Roth - Jul 17, 2011
OMG... I hadn't heard that name in sooooo long. I remember PDQ from when I was a kid. Haven't seen or heard of it in years.
Carol Duman - Jul 18, 2011
I have found that I can get Benco...my friend in Germany indicates that in Austria you can buy it (Benco) on every corner..so I have some coming in September. I am so excited..to make Grandma's cookies with her choc frosting..;0)
Carol Duman - Jul 18, 2011
Thank you Jessica Hannan for your information to led me to the Benco and where I can find it..Thanks Again