scary real stories of strange Encounters with "BLACK EYED PEOPLE"

There's something more than just odd about these black-eyed people. Those who have encountered them sense an air of evil, of malevolence. Doubters say they are just posers with black-tinted contact lenses, but people who have met them face-to-face say that their strangeness goes much deeper. The feeling is of darkness, demonic... not human. Oh, and never let them in your house if they come knocking. Here are some true stories.
I have been reading the stories of the black-eyed kids and find this interesting. Ten years ago in my hometown of Alamosa, Colorado I experienced a similar but slightly different experience with a supervisor I worked for at that time.

I had been employed as a youth worker (clinical counselor) for youngsters that had mental and emotional problems that caused them to behave criminally and act out abnormally. The work was interesting and challenging, but I realized my supervisor was very cold and calculating in his behavior toward me. After about six months, I became disenchanted with my work as I never felt support or positive comments about my clinical work with the children. My supervisor started to appear very distant and detached from me, even taking the body language of a wolf or reptile when I would see him looking at me at my desk. His head down, eyes narrowed and a crouched almost pouncing stance.

One morning I received a phone call from one of his assistants to inform me that I was "no longer needed at work" and not to come in. I found this very strange as I had just completed a superior job evaluation from the main company, and was told I was doing outstanding work with the children. Also, I had never been terminated by telephone before, and found this odd.

I went to the office to gather my possessions, and when I past my former supervisor's office I noticed the lights were out except for a small slit of sunlight coming in through a venetian blind. I saw him sitting at his desk glaring at me. I walked in and he looked at me and I felt very chilled and cold. His eyes were totally black! I spoke to him and he hissed at me like a snake or gila monster! I felt chilled to the core and literally ran the hell out of there!

I saw this person one time later at a grocery store and he refused to look at me and pulled his hoodie up to cover his face. Weird!

Kansas Wal-Mart

It was 2008 at a Walmart in Kansas where I first encountered a black-eyed man. I was separated from my daughter and mother and just perfume shopping. For some weird reason, I felt strange inside. I stood straight, and as I turned my head from the merchandise I saw a man walk past the aisle. It was how he walked that made me think "how strange." He was tall, good looking, blonde and in a striped shirt. He looked clean-cut. But his walk was kind of stilted or jerky.

In an instant he stopped and walked backward to my aisle after passing it. His head turned oddly, kind of like a robot. He looked completely through me and I felt like he was taking in some kind of knowledge of me, scanning or surveying. His eyes were totally black and unnatural. I felt so frightened and in danger. He turned his head and walked away in that jerky manner. It was his eyes that I'll never forget, and no one will ever convince me he was human. I found my mother and daughter and we left instantly. It was one of the most unnerving experiences of my life.

Black-Eyed Knocker BY KV

I don't know if this is paranormal, honestly. I don't know what to call this, but it is the most significant thing that has happened to me and I will never forget it. I live in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. I am 34 years old and teach World History at a local school. This event happened to me on a Saturday evening, sometime in September in 2004.

I had been home for most of the day trying to fix the water heater. It's that time of day where it is starting to get dark outside. As I was getting ready to give up with the water heater, I heard a knock on the door. Just a single knock. I wasn't sure what it was, but I ignored it. About 30 seconds later, I heard another knock. I stood up and walked over to the door. For some reason, I was feeling very uneasy. My heart started to beat very hard and it was all I could hear at this point.

I decided to take a look out the window to see what was going on. I saw a middle-aged woman standing on the sidewalk looking toward my house. I felt like I knew her, thinking she was a neighbor of mine. The beating of my heart had gone down and I felt normal again. I went to the door and opened it to see what was the matter.

As I opened the door, the woman walked toward my house and stopped about 6 feet in front of me. As I looked into her eyes, it was as if nothing was there. I could not form a thought, I could not perceive the rest of the world. It was as if nothing existed and I was no longer in control of my body. I was overrun with fear. My body felt numb. I felt like I was in a shell. I could see nothing in her eyes, no emotion, no life; they were just black. There were no whites to her eyes, just darkness.

As I stood there completely in shock, not able to move, she said, "Let me in." Her voice was normal, but as soon as she said this, the whole world turned black. I felt like I was dying just being around her. I quickly shut the door and locked it. I was too terrified to even look out the window. I have never seen this person again, but day today I can feel her. I can feel her presence. It's like I am no longer a part of my body when I feel her. I go into a panic mode, as if I am about to die. I have also seen her in my dreams since then. Most nights are like fighting a force in my dreams, trying to get away from my own mind. It's as if she has taken over. It's as if the moment I opened the door, she gained access to me.

You can leave a haunted house, but you can't leave a haunted body. But then again, I don't know what she is.

Freaky Black-Eyed Man

My mom and I love reading through all the stories on this site and tonight we came across one that we can really relate to. It was about seeing a black-eyed man in Wal-Mart in Missouri. We live in Missouri, too, and maybe about 70 miles from where this took place. We also saw a black-eyed man in Wal-Mart. It was in Eureka, Missouri; we live only about 10 minutes away.

It was last summer and we had been shopping and heading for the front to check out when this spectacularly tall man passed us going the other way. I looked at his face and freaked out because his eyes were all black and he was just creepy. My mom never looked at his face because she was riveted to his legs. His knees, according to her, were on backward! She said they were kind of like a bird's legs. I started to cry because he was so scary and my mom said I shouldn't make such a fuss over someone's deformities. When I told her it was his eyes that I was crying about, she was sort of miffed that she missed them.

That's it, but there's one more thing that may or may not be connected. Another day we were at Wal-Mart and had left and were heading home. Well, you have to drive right in front of Six Flags to get on the highway and the one lane turns into two on the turn to the highway. We were making the turn when all of a sudden this car with government plates cuts right in front of us, cutting us off. My mom cussed them and called them a bad name -- and this is the creepy part. The two men in the front seat both turn around at the same time and look right at us. Their faces were not normal. They looked like melted plastic. I am so scared just writing this. I can still see them so clearly. Their chins and necks seem to almost run over the collars of their white shirts. They could have been really creepy masks, but that doesn't make any sense. We couldn't believe it and my mom sped up so we could get another look. Well, they weren't having any of that, and the more we sped up the more they did, too. When we were doing about 85 miles an hour on Hwy 44, they pulled ahead and left us in their dust. We went home and told my dad, but he didn't buy any of this story. But I swear it is the total truth.

The Marine and the Black-Eyed Kids

A marine's instincts go on the alert in an encounter with black-eyed children

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who is tougher than a U.S. Marine. These soldiers are trained in combat, survival and to face the threat of imminent bodily harm or death. But perhaps they're not quite prepared when it comes to encounters with the unknown. Consider this report from a Marine, using the name Reaper 3-1, who had an unexpected and altogether unnerving experience with the mysterious phenomenon of the black-eyed people. To make it even more harrowing, these black-eyed entities appeared to be small kids. This is the Marine's story....

I'M A MARINE stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. I live in the infantry barracks off of River Road. I recently had a rather strange encounter with a pair of black-eyed kids.

I live on the third floor of the barracks that have open walkways on the outside and the rooms on the inside. This happened on a weekend back in November, 2009. It was a weekend, so almost every Marine was out, either home, drinking or sleeping; only a handful were left in the barracks awake. I'd stayed in that weekend because I was broke and had no money to go out.

I was watching a movie when I heard a knock at my door. Figuring it was my roommate who'd lost his key again, I went and opened it. Instead of a drunken roommate, I found two little kids standing on the walkway - only these kids freaked the hell out of me. I don't know what it was about them, but as a Marine we're always told to listen to that little voice in your head, because it just might save your life from an IED (improvised explosive device). Right then that voice was screaming at me to shut the door and lock it.


There was also the fact that these kids had absolutely pitch-black eyes. I mean no white or any other color to them whatsoever - just black. But I pushed those things aside and asked them what they were doing there so late. They responded by saying that it was really cold out and they wanted to come in and read. I was confused as hell, because I've never met a kid that wants to read. Also, there was no mention of any parents or anything else you'd expect a lost couple of kids to say.

I couldn't take my eyes of their pitch-black eyes; it was like they were sucking me in. I felt horrible and was suddenly frightened for my life, like I needed to immediately take cover. They just stared at me, with those goddam eyes.

I took a quick look up and down the walkway to see if any other Marines were out, but there was nobody in site. I turned back to the kids who I noticed had taken a step forward toward me. I got the feeling like I was being hunted, like these kids where predators and out for their next meal or something. Instinct gave way to reason and I decided to listen to that voice and shut the door and locked it.

I heard soft constant knocking for the next five minutes before I heard my window rattle and then nothing. I went down to the officer on duty the next morning and asked him about it and he said he hadn't heard of or seen any kids in the area at all, and dismissed it saying that I'd probably had too much to drink last night. Only I hadn't been drinking at all or anything like that that night. I don't know what or who those kids were, but I doubt any of the families here would let their kids wander around at night on a military base.

As we have heard in many other stories of black-eyed people, they often ask to be invited in. They don't try to barge in... they don't threaten... they only seem to need their targets to voluntarily allow them into their homes. For what purpose? What would happen if they were allowed in? Who are these black-eyed beings?

Black-Eyed Man at Walmart
Several years ago, I was standing in line at Walmart in Webb City, Missouri, ready to pay for my purchases. I usually don't look around at others in line, but I had a very uneasy feeling and smelled a peculiar odor.

I turned around and looked at a very tall man dressed in black. I looked at his eyes and they were completely black. Every hair on my body stood up! I got the sense that he was evil, maybe the Devil himself. I couldn't get out of that store fast enough.

It still creeps me out to this day just thinking about it. I know they have black contacts that cover the entire eye, but I think this was before those were in existence. Whatever it was, it wasn't human.

Black-Eyed Businessman

After seeing so many stories about "The Black Eyed People," I decided to do a little research. So I looked up a few different places and really could not find a lot about them. Not long after that, I got an instant message from a friend of mine who lives in Queensland, Australia. I'll call her Jenny. She asked what I was doing. I told her I was just researching some strange people.

After a minute, she started telling me this story that happened to her about five years ago. Keep in mind, I never mentioned anything about black-eyed people.

She says that right after her 30th birthday, she was heading home from a concert. She was about 90 miles away from home and had to stop for gas (petrol, she called it). So she filled up and went inside to pay. She then decided that she had better go to the bathroom since she still had a bit of a drive ahead of her.

When she came back out, she went to grab a drink for the road. But when she turned around to pay, there was a man standing just a few feet behind her. He was wearing a business suit with a long black coat over that. When she went to pass him, he looked up at her. Apparently, where the eyes are supposed to be, there were only two big black holes. Everything else looked completely normal about this guy except he had NO EYES!

She froze dead in her tracks. He continued to stare at her with a really intimidating stare. She finally caught her senses back and just said, "Excuse me," walked on by up to the counter, handed him money, told him to keep the change and bolted out of there.

She says that the feeling that came over her upon seeing his face was nothing of this world. Sheer terror. An immediate sense of danger and dread like nothing ever experienced before. All she had in her mind was to get away as fast as possible.

Again, I never even mentioned anything about black-eyed people before she told me about this. I then told her that I was researching that exact thing. She freaked out. Whether that is true or not, I don't know for sure, but she made a very convincing argument to me, and I honestly believe her.

Black-Eyed Couple
It was in the summer of 1983. Myself and two of my good friends, Katia and Amy, and I were at Santa Cruz on the beach by the boardwalk. It was a beautiful day and we had been on the beach all afternoon. The sun was starting to go down so we thought, let's pack up and hit a local pub/restaurant and get a beer and something to eat.

We walked to the car about a half mile from the beach. As we were putting our towels and beach stuff in the back of the car, we noticed two young people standing looking at us: a young male around 20 and a female the same age. Both looked zoned out, kind of strange just standing there watching us. I walked up to them and asked if they were okay and if they needed any help. Neither one of them said a word.

All of a sudden, Katia started screaming at me, "Get away from them!" I turned to look at Katia. She was very pale and shaking. I then turned back to the couple. I noticed their eyes and saw that they were totally black. The feeling that came over me was very, very scary and heavy. A thick darkness seemed to cover me. I felt a little numb and my legs would not move.

The guy with the black eyes asked me if they could get a ride. His voice was so shallow and unemotional. Before I could answer, Amy stepped in and said, "Sorry, we are not leaving right now." She grabbed my arm to help me walk away from them. I started to trip out and wanted to get the hell away. I could barely move. The weird girl reached out her hand to touch me, but I moved away from her. Her face looked so sad and her eyes, so black.

The whole time this was going on, Katia was in a paranoid state. Amy got the three of us to start walking away and then the guy called us ******. My friends and I kept walking, never looking back. We went into a bar near by and did some shots; forget about the beer.

No one believed our encounter with these black-eyed people. We used to talk about that day and get creeped out. I sometimes feel like they are around just watching me, but when I look for them, there is no one there. I will never forget this bizarre day at the beach. Katia and Amy won't even talk about it anymore. I have terrible dreams about them getting inside of me. I know there is something real going on out there, I'm just not sure what it is or why.

Black-Eyed Shopper
On February 9, 2009, something unusual occurred. I was in Wal-Mart, shopping with my daughter and niece. As I walked down the isle en route to the rest room, where my niece was running to ahead of us, I saw a younger aged woman about 20 years or so. Absolutely nothing unusual at first: blondish-brown hair pulled up into a pony tail, t-shirt, sweat pants to the knee, tennis shoes. She appeared to be biting her nails, for her hand was next to her mouth.

As we got closer in passing, there was something about her walk... her strides seemed to be longer or something. She was about 5 ft. 9 in. in height, but it just seemed different. As we got closer, what appeared to be nail biting turned into an aggressive biting of her fingers. She did not display this kind of aggression when my niece passed her, but she turned and looked at her as she ran by. Her eyes -- I swear this -- were black! She was staring me down as to intimidate me. It was like nothing I had ever experienced.

A thought came to my brain: "I'm not afraid of you. I know what you are." My daughter says I was staring her down, like she was staring at me. I walked by, ignored her and confidently kept going. My daughter stopped to fix her shoelaces, and told me when this woman got so far behind us. She turned to look at us, and her head turned in fast motion and what looked like almost completely around! It frightened my daughter.

I feel as though this is something evil in nature. It had negative energy and an unusual feel about this thing. I tell you, I never really believed in this black-eyed people thing, but there is truth to this. I feel they are demonic and have taken form of man/woman, who knows, maybe even kids!

Black-Eyed Customer
by Nick

I am a grocery store employee in Lewisville, Texas. I work in the produce department, and an odd experience happened the other day. I was on the floor just making sure everything was stocked and clean, so I was walking around and I had noticed this man came around completely by himself. He was wearing regular clothes, nothing unusual about him really, so I continued on with what I was doing. He just kept walking around my department and kept looking around the store, like he was lost or something. One thing I noticed that was weird about him was the way he walked. He didn't walk with a normal stride, but in a way it was almost like a slow motion type walk, yet not as dramatic and obvious as you would picture such a walk. It's hard to explain, but it was just a weird, slow walk.

After noticing that, I continued to work. I had bent down to pick up some trash on the floor, and when I stood back up, he was a good 10 feet away, and he was staring straight at me. Completely motionless, we stood looking at each other. All of a sudden, his eyes turned completely black, no white parts or iris or anything -- just completely black -- but it only happened for a couple of seconds, just long enough for me to realize he was "different".

I made a puzzled face and broke eye contact with him and continued working, and he just went away. I don't know if he was a demon or what, but I do know it puzzled me and still does. I believe he was a demon or something, and was wanting to show me that they are out there and can be just like us.

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