L D @windella posted in Party Time Ideas
Jun 29, 2011

Martini Mashed Potato Bar

I'm having a very different menu for the 4th this year.I'm including a Martini mashed potato bar.I catered a party a few months ago and I did this,everyone loved it. I've been wanting to do this for my family.
I made a really great mashed potato ,I used Yukon gold potatoes,cream,salt and pepper,.I put the mashed potatoes in a chafing dish to stay hot and put the topping in smaller dishes,I explained to the guests to top their potatoes with as many toppings as they like. Here are some idea for toppings:
butter,steamed broccoli,cheese,caramelized onions,cream cheese,salsa,chives, chile,gravy,mushrooms,,ground beef in gravy,cottage cheese,crumbled bacon,sautéed red and yellow bell peppers,pesto,chopped ham,fried onion straws,diced tomatoes.
Red potatoes also make great mashed potatoes.
Jan W - Jun 29, 2011
omg, this sounds great! I love potatoes and 99% of those toppings too!! you can cater for me anytime...
S I - Jun 29, 2011
Yukon Gold do make really good mashed potatoes. We had this on the menu at the catering events company that I worked for during my culinary school externship. We gave the choice of either having mashed or baked potatoes for the "martini" bar. Fun idea as your guests can get really creative!
M G - Jun 29, 2011
ooh LaWanda,I'm stealing this idea! sounds like fun!
NIKKI SMITH - Jul 2, 2011
Great idea, makes it easier on me.. And I like easy..lol:)