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Apr 30, 2016

Saturday Trivia

When did we start using ZIP codes?

A. 1835
B. 1911
C. 1963
D. 1985

Correct Answer is C.
1963 was a big year for Americans. For Civil Rights Activists, it was the memory of the "I Have A Dream Speech" by Martin Luther King, Jr. For conspiracy theorists, it was the assassination of JFK. For postal enthusiasts, it was the introduction of the ZIP code. The term "ZIP code" comes from the acronym Zone Improvement Plan. In the twenty years leading up to the ZIP code, mail volume doubled and the U.S. Postal Service needed a quicker, easier way to sort through the mail. On July 1st, 1963, the ZIP code was born. It was a success- in the first 3 years, over half of all Americans used their ZIP and by the end of the 60's it was 83%! That's quite ZIP-pressive!
Source: Time Magazine
Andy Anderson ! - over a year ago
Got it... I'm on a roll :-)
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Me too..... remembered this