Renée G. @ReneeCooks posted in Cheers!
Apr 30, 2016

Good morning - Cheers!

It's the first official day of the weekend, what do you plan to do today?

We have had LOTS of rain yesterday and last night with possible scattered showers remaining throughout the day today, then we're hoping for sunshine tomorrow then...can you believe it? More rain coming for Monday! Really??

I hope you all have a terrific Saturday, however your plans might lead.
Andy Anderson ! - over a year ago
Work, work, work.
Linda Smith - over a year ago
Going to stay in today raining and cold today making some soup and if I get some energy maybe some bread.
Renée G. - over a year ago
Good morning Andy and Linda,
I suppose I should work, work, work, too, since I took the day off yesterday.

And, Linda soup and home baked bread...mmmm mmm Good!
margaret maxwell - over a year ago
Good Morning all! We have woken up to SUN! It was a cloudy day yesterday. But today it has changed and we have SUN! Have a really good day ! mm
Renée G. - over a year ago
Good morning Margaret, good to have you stop by this morning. Hope you have a superb day.