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Dear Stormy,

If you’re dealing with poor dietary health, it’s
most likely not your fault and here’s why…

In 1980, a scientist named Ancel Keys published
a study that was featured on the front page of Time

It claimed heart disease, type 2 diabetes,
high blood pressure, and obesity were caused by too
much fat in our food.

This study caused a huge shift in American
nutrition that changed the entire food industry.

The FDA immediately set up a national nutritional
policy blaming high fat diets for everyone’s poor

Food manufacturers started lowering the grams
of fat in everything they produced.

The end result was an American diet low in fat,
yet high in sugar, processed grains, and preservatives.

But check this out!

Only recently Dr. Robert Lustig discovered
that Ancel Keys made a huge scientific mistake.

And the FDA’s national nutritional policy has
BEEN WRONG for the last 33 years!

Thanks to Dr. Robert's discovery, we now have proof
that the fat content in our food isn’t the source of
the problem.

Click to watch Dr. Robert’s Video Presentation.

Sadly heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure
and obesity are at an all time high because of this
terrible mistake.

The frustrating truth is we have ALL been slowly
poisoned, sickened, and fattened up by three decades
of the wrong policy on national nutrition.

Because the fact is… Sugar is the real #1 cause
for most of the health and weight problems in
the United States.

Dr. Robert proves this in his video
Sugar: The Bitter Truth.

Worst of all, new studies show that the average
American currently eats 141 pounds of sugar per

That's crazy! But don’t worry,
there’s plenty to be hopeful about.

Thankfully, science has proven Ancel’s theory wrong,
and a positive shift in American nutrition is taking place.

One that allows you and I to eat delicious meals with
healthy carbs and fats while still losing
weight and feeling great.

It’s up to each of us to take the necessary
steps towards a slim, healthy body.

And it all starts with cutting out the sugar.

If you have any more questions or concerns, don’t
hesitate to write me at

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.

Craig Cappetta
Nutrition Expert
Whole Body Research

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Gretchen *** - Jan 23, 2014
Stormy, for years all we heard about was "low fat" to lose weight. Well it turns out fat (healthy kind in moderation) is actually good for us, and it's an addiction to sugar making us fat!!! So glad to see this shift in thinking.
Sugar is like poison! Here's a book I recently read that helped to open my eyes some:

Stormy Stewart - Jan 23, 2014
Gretchen there are many books out there saying not to eat sugar. the rise in cancer should be enough to stop many but us over weight Americans love our sugar. I stopped mine January 1st when I started on a no sugar diet. now the thought makes me feel sick.
Straws Kitchen - Jan 24, 2014
Thanks for posting Stormy. I had not seen your first video but I had already seen the second one.