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Don't be eye candy, be soul food.
Grilling 101
How to Grill Delicious Fruit
Let me eat cake!
Best Woods for Grilling & Smoking
You lost your appetite? Don't worry, I found it.
How to Make the Perfect Mint Julep
"There has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast food."
Alexa, cook dinner.
"The four words a girl wants to hear...I bought you food."
"Life is better with freshly baked cookies."
"Nothing says 'home' like the smell of baking."
"Life is a kitchen, put on your prettiest apron and whip up something incredible."
"A cupcake is happiness with icing on top."
"All you need is love. But a cupcake would be nice too."
"Only a fool argues with the cook."
"There's always time for tea and cake."
"Life is like a sandwich. You have to fill it with the best ingredients."