World Food Championships 2013 Winner Announced!

World Food Championships 2013


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World Food Championships 2013

Hi all!

Janet here! It was a whirlwind few days out in Las Vegas this year for the World Food Championships. I know I am coming down from my adrenaline rush finally ... not sure if any of our team members have yet!

This year, 17 members competed on the Just A Pinch team (and it looked like 25 total competitors were Just A Pinch members!). Each cook was given a little over two hours to make their signature dish. As if that wasn't enough, then they had to create a structured build assigned based on their category. If they got through Round 1 and made it to the Category Finals, they had to create a third dish using an assigned infused ingredient. You put creating all these recipes, plus cooking in a 10x10 booth into the mix, you see why they call this the World Food Championships! But our wonderful home cooks rose to the challenge and made us very proud!

After the first day of each competition, we all gathered around the stage at the Fremont Street Experience anxiously waiting to hear the name of the lucky finalists. The wait was worth it ... 6 Just A Pinch team members made it to the Finals! Jackie Mento, Tammy Brownlow, Nancy Judd, Lori McClain, Helene Mulvhill and Dietrich Durtschi each won $1,000. I felt like a proud mom watching everyone on stage.

Next up, the competition continued ... and things were really heating up. After much chopping, sauteing, blending, a few tears and hours on our feet, I just had a feeling we had a few winners in the group. Nancy Judd WON the Dessert Category, a spot at the Final Table - and $10,000! Tammy Brownlow came out a winner too... placing third in the dessert category. Lori McClain made us proud again this year. She made it to the Sandwich Finals for a second year in the row - and she beat out the Las Vegas chef who won the whole kit and caboodle last year! Nancy, Tammy and Lori definitely showed how much home cooks rule.

Unfortunately Nancy couldn't compete at the Final Table due to a commitment on Sunday, but we were proud to see her make it as far as she did. The runner-up to Nancy in the Dessert category, Dave Elliott, competed in her spot ... and guess what?! He won the World Food Championships!! We all know, don't we, Nancy is really the champ of champs, but kudos to Dave.

It was another exciting year at the World Food Championships in Las Vegas! I loved seeing how other Just A Pinch members in attendance, stepped in and helped others where needed. It reminds me of what a wonderful Just A Pinch family I am a part of. On behalf of the entire Kitchen Crew, we feel so thankful to be part of such a wonderful group of people. Leave a comment and let our World Food Champions know how proud of them you are too! If you have any pictures from the event, add them to the comments too. I'm sure everyone would love to check out the fun times.

There will be a television show airing in Spring 2014 showcasing the event. You just may see a few familiar faces in the crowd. Stay tuned...

Kitchen Crew

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And the winners are...

These home cooks have won a chance to cook with the pros at the 2013 World Food Championships in Las Vegas, NV. These talented guys and gals may walk away from Vegas with some serious bragging rights... and prize money!

We're proud to be teaming up with the WFC folks to offer these lucky Just A Pinch members the opportunity to compete in this invite-only event hosted by Ben Vaughn, a notable culinary chef and host of Food Network's "Health Inspectors."

Leave a comment below to wish the competitors good luck at the Finals in Vegas!

Chili Category:

Bob Cooney* - Cottonwood Heights, UT
Fireman Bob's Fire House Chili

Kim Biegacki* - Warren, OH
Spicy Chocolate Chili

Ashley Burnam* - Phoenix, AZ
The Best Green Chile Pork... Ever

Dave Smith - Pikesville, MD
Mole Firehouse Chili Con Carne

Jeanette Nelson - Sophia, WV
Fiesta Chili-Lime Con Carne

Dessert Category:

Nancy Judd* - Alpine, UT
Nann's Fudgey Cashew Pie...all dressed up!
Cookies Caliente with Salty-Sweet Lime Drizzle

Tammy Brownlow* - Bryan, TX
Pecan Pie Cheesecake

Maggie May Schill - Jacksonville, FL
Citrus Coconut Milk Cake

Susan Sumpter-Loebig - Greencastle, PA
Vanilla Bean Dream Cheesecake

Cathy Hurkmans Tolman - Escanaba, MI
Caramel Glazed Soft Apple Pie

Sandwich Category:

Melissa Baldan* - San Diego, CA
Blackberry Apple Sandwich with a Kick

Barbara Miller - Oakdale, MN
Outrageous Cuban Sandwich with Mojo Sauce

Jillian Coleman - Brooklyn, NY
Slow Cooker Roast Beef Po'Boys with Debris Gravy

Ellen Bales - Indianapolis, IN
Fried Egg Sandwich with Style, Part 2

Burgers Category:

Dietricha Durtschi* - Jefferson City, MO
Big Stuffed Behemoth Bacon Cheese Burger

Helene Mulvihill* - Magnolia, TX
Grilled Pico Burgers

Linda Dalton* - Stoughton, MA
Cinco de Mayo Burger

Lora DiGiulio - Staten Island, NY
Monterey Jack Stuffed Mexican Hamburgers with Guacamole Topping

Bacon Category:

Cheryl Miller* - Port Orchard, WA
Bacon Baklava

V Seward* - Hanford, CA
Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese

Donna Bardocz - Howell, MI
Bacon-Loaded Apple Maple Coffeecake

Susan Simons* - Roy, WA
Bacon and Cheese Seafood Pasta

Lolly St John - Concord, CA
Bacon Onion Tomato Pie

Pasta Category:

Jane McMillan* - Massena, NY
Meat Ball Lasagna

Debbie Reid* - Clearwater, FL
South of the Border Mac and Cheese

Josee Lanzi* - New Port Richey, FL
Chicken Parmesan & Creamy Tomato & Basil Spaghetti

*Competing in Vegas

And Congrats Also Go Out to Our Automatic Qualifiers:

Linda Bonwill - Englewood, FL

Lori McLain - Denton, TX

Jackie Mento - The Villages, FL

Winners each receive:

  • An invitation to prepare and and compete with their winning recipe November 7-9 at the 2013 World Food Championships (WFC) in Las Vegas, NV... where prize money of up to $75,000 is up for grabs!
  • Waiver of all WFC entrance fees
  • Honorary Kitchen Crew status (Boo yah!)

Congratulations to all you fab cooks out there!  We were inundated with bushels of delicious entries in the Just A Pinch World Food Championship contest, and it's clear that ALL of you have got some serious cooking chops!

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Barbara Miller - over a year ago
I want to thank each and every one of you for your wonderful words and congratulation that you have sent. It really makes my day but I know that every single person who submits a recipe to JAP is a winner!
Sharon Colyer - over a year ago
This Las Vegas competition was in November. They did great & had a ball! You could look on the various profiles of competitors, to see some of their pictures, from the competition.
Connie Brannen - over a year ago
Over the Moon to you are my wishes!
Sue Lorraine - over a year ago
My sincerest congratulations to all of you!!! I hope you enjoy Vegas and the competitions and may you rejoice in this opportunity! I am there with all of you in spirit! Go Team!!!!
Rose Lavin - over a year ago
Congratulations to All of these great Cooks. They all have the love of food, no matter what they make, and I am sure everything was delicious
judy sandifer - over a year ago
Robin DuPree - over a year ago
Congratulations to the winner and everybody that competed!
Staci Smith - over a year ago
AWESOME !! and now IM A MEMBER of this wonderful plethora of home cooks too since joining JaP!! Congratz to everyone, what an exciting adventure !
Mary Williams - over a year ago
I am new here and have been looking at the site trying to learn all about it and I came across this competition. I would like to congratulate all of the winners AWESOME JOB!!!!!!!!
Jean Fisher - over a year ago
Thanks for posting Bob. I also enjoyed the article.
Straws Kitchen(*o *) - over a year ago
I posted your link on her pie recipe so other can see it too♥
Bob Cooney - over a year ago
Thanks CinStraw... Nancy is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Straws Kitchen(*o *) - over a year ago
Thanks for posting the link, I really enjoyed the article♥
Bob Cooney - over a year ago
I am posting this because it needs to be seen by everyone here....
Straws Kitchen(*o *) - over a year ago
Keeping you in my prayers Bob♥