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Cheesy Recipes That’ll Put a Smile on Your Face

Fried Cheese

Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite days of the year. My love of Mexican cuisine runs deep and I love to indulge in my favorites. Typically, I go to a local restaurant but this year with all the safe-distancing restrictions I’ve decided to recreate some of my favorites at home following these Blue Ribbon Mexican recipes!

While waiting for my meal, I love to snack on guacamole and chips. Missy Wimpleberg (Franklin, TN) shared her Kickin’ Guacamole that is not for the faint at heart.

“This is the best guacamole I have ever tried,” thinks Missy. “If you like your guacamole with a little kick, this is the one for you. Serve it some chips or add to your taco salad.”

Thanks to a Serrano chili, this guacamole recipe has heat. I loved the pepper and tangy lime juice combination. But a jalapeno can be substituted in the recipe for less spice. You’re probably going to want to double the recipe too… it’s yummy.

With melty cheese and a crunchy shell, Ann McCue’s (Side Lake, MN) Chimichangas are super easy with lots of delicious flavors.

“If you’re feeling like a Mexican night these will help fit the bill,” shares Ann.

Green chiles add a bit of heat, while cumin gives them a slightly smoky flavor. If you like extra spice, use the whole can. Add your favorite toppings and you have a simple meal your family will love. Bonus, these chimichangas are made from simple store-bought ingredients.

In the mood for tacos? Try Jeanne Gliddon’s (Los Banos, CA) To Die for Beef Tacos. They are amazing.

“In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I am posting my delicious beef tacos,” says Jeanne. “I have been making tacos this way ever since I was 17 years old when I learned how from a lady I babysat for. My family loves them and they now prepare their’s the same way!”

The secret ingredient in these tacos is chorizo sausage. Chorizo mixed with the ground beef is what makes these so special. It gives the filling tons of flavor without adding additional seasoning.

Frying tortillas makes the tacos nice and crunchy. Dress them however you like, but I followed Jeanne’s recommendation (tomato, onion, avocado, cheese, etc) and they were perfect!

A burger for Mexican night? It sounds strange, but it’s so good! Linda Dalton (Coconut Creek, FL) shared her Cinco de Mayo Burger recipe and I became a big fan.

“This year for Cinco de Mayo I grilled some burgers, dressed them up with hot sauce and cheese, and served them in-between sauteed corn tortillas topped with guacamole and cilantro,” explains Linda. “This is certainly not an authentic Mexican dish, but muy delicioso!”

This burger had a slight kick to it which I liked. And using corn tortillas as a bun? Who would have thought of that! It makes the burger fun and festive.

Wash everything down with Jenny Powers’ (Abingdon, VA) Top Shelf Margaritas.

“We love these margaritas, they are made with premium liquor and are not too tart,” reveals Jenny. “Careful, they do not taste strong, but are.”

This refreshing margarita recipe truly lives up to its name. Premium liquor makes a difference in this case. It’s sweet with just the right amount of tartness mixed in. They taste very smooth. So be careful while drinking… they’ll sneak up on you.

Have a fiesta at home this Cinco de Mayo with your family. If you’re looking for more recipes, check out our Fiesta Time collection. Bonus, this year Cinco de Mayo falls on Taco Tuesday. Happy Pinching!