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Glazed Ham Recipes for Your Easter Dinner

Peach Glazed Ham

Traditionally, ham is the centerpiece of an Easter meal. The custom dates back to 6th century Germany (you can learn more about why here). Adding a glaze to baked ham changes the flavor profile and ensures your family’s taste buds won’t be bored by another baked ham. Here are five glazed ham recipes you can try this Easter.

“This was my first attempt at baking a ham – almost 40 years old and never baked one before,” reveals Tiffany Ash (Woodburn, IN). “I wanted it to be a memorable occasion so I thought why not cook it in some ginger ale.”

Tiffany shared her Ginger Ale Honey Mustard Glazed Ham that will be a big hit with your guests. The glaze is very sweet and tangy. The ginger ale cooks down while the ham bakes and its flavor gets enhanced. A delicious addition to your holiday table.

Another recipe that uses soda as part of the glaze is Monica Keleher’s (Methuen, MA) Whiskey Wild Cherry Coke Glazed Ham.

“This ham is such an incredible hit at our house,” explains Monica. “The boys devour it.”

The mix of Cherry Coke and whiskey makes for an incredibly flavorful ham. I can see why it is a hit with Monica’s family. I did baste the ham throughout the cooking process which helped to intensify the flavor of the meat. Monica’s glaze is a bit smoky from the whiskey and sweet from the Cherry coke. So good!

Samantha Jacobs (Manchester, NH) uses Riesling wine when cooking her Riesling Mango-Pepper Glazed Ham. “I did this for Christmas and as an early Easter with my family,” shares Samantha. “They are absolutely crazy about it. It is THE requested dish for family holidays.”

Riesling is a sweeter wine with a fruity profile – perfect for using in a glaze. Mango-pepper jelly adds a slight heat. Stone-ground mustard gives some tang and heat. This ham is baked uncovered and basted, it gets glazed and crisp around the edges, but the inside stays nice and moist.

Danyal Vierheller (Bolivar, OH) modified a recipe she found for a baked ham to suit her taste buds. “The original version was a smash,” says Danyal. “This Peach Glazed Ham is a slightly sweeter version requested by my father.”

This is definitely a unique ham you should try this year for Easter dinner. The sweet peach glaze is a nice contrast to the smokiness of the ham. Cloves add an aromatic taste to the sauce and provide another depth of flavor. Peaches dotted all over really makes for a beautiful presentation.

Not everyone in Louisiana makes their ham like Melissa Dommert (Baytown, TX), but they should. Her Louisiana Style Glazed Ham is fantastic.

“This is the way mama always cooked our holiday ham,” shares Melissa. “Allowing the ham to slowly simmer seems to remove some of its excess saltiness. As the sweet and tangy glaze bakes onto the ham, it caramelizes to candied Southern perfection.”

Once baked, the ham is sticky and sweet with a little bit of tang. Adding mustard to the glaze gives the overall ham a slightly tangy flavor which is a nice contrast to the sweet sugar and pineapple juice. Boiling the ham before baking means it cooks quickly in the oven and the ham becomes super tender. Studding the baked ham with cherries and pineapple makes the ham pretty.

If you make one of these glazed hams for your holiday meal, share your review and a picture. We’d love to know what you think. Looking for more ideas for your Easter dinner? Check out this collection of recipes. Happy Pinching!