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Easy Casserole Recipes for Tonight’s Dinner

Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

Casseroles are my go-to dinner option when I have a busy day. They’re easy to prepare, quick to bake, and always a family favorite.

What kid would pass up a trip to McDonald’s? After they try Tammy Brownlow’s (Dallas, TX) Mac Attack! Cheeseburger Casserole they may never ask you to go again. It’s that good.

“I was looking through cheeseburger casseroles here on the site when a commercial for the Big Mac caught my attention,” explains Tammy. “Of course my wheels started turning. Serve on a bed of shredded lettuce, onion, and pickle…don’t forget the fries on the side.”

Plan on making an extra batch of this sauce and storing it in your fridge. You’re going to be looking for reasons to use it. This is a great casserole everyone will enjoy. We liked that the biscuits were sliced in half. You get a bit of biscuit in every bite!

“When I want comfort food, I usually make this,” shares Carla Skiles (Greeley, KS). “There are so many things about this Chicken and Dumpling Casserole recipe that take me back to my childhood. I hope it becomes a favorite of yours too.”

The aroma of garlic and onion cooking together is wonderful. Then add basil and… well it just makes your mouth water. The basil in the dumplings is very different and a nice change. This is so easy to make it’s going to become part of your dinner rotation.

The entire Crew really loved the chili topping layers in Victoria Russell’s (Blackwood, NJ) Easy Homemade Chili Casserole.

“I made this for my family one night and they loved it,” reveals Victoria. “They wanted more! It’s delicious and great for those cold nights.”

It’s a great alternative to a regular bowl of chili. If you think this is too spicy, just adjust the heat to your liking. Hardy and filling, this is comfort food all the way.

Erin Bamberger’s (Lansing, MI) Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole is a full-flavored and simple casserole.

“Everyone LOVES this recipe – it’s a personal one of mine that I have tweaked to perfection,” explains Erin. “The casserole is even great the next day… if there is even any left.”

This is guaranteed to be a family pleaser with its layers of amazing chicken cordon bleu inspired flavor. Starting with the herb stuffing covered in Swiss cheese, then smothered in a hearty layer of creamy chicken and ham. It’s finished off with a layer of Muenster cheese. We added optional French fried onions and love the additional crunch and flavor they add. This is a beautiful casserole that can be served as an easy weeknight meal but is impressive enough to serve to company too.

Debra Russell’s (Hillsboro, AL) Heavenly Casserole is tangy, creamy, and layered Italian casserole. “The cheeses melt in your mouth with an Italian sweetness,” says Debra.

I loved the texture of the egg noodles when the creamy layer and cheese melts into them. Mixed with the meat marinara layer, it’s an awesome comforting bite. This reminds me of a beef stroganoff but with a red sauce. An easy and inexpensive meal, your family will clean their plates and ask for seconds.

If you’re short on time and looking for an easy dinner, give one of these Blue Ribbon casseroles a try. Do you have a go-to casserole recipe? Share it below and Happy Pinching!