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Let’s Talk Tuna: Delicious Tuna Dinner Recipes

Tuna Casserole

Tuna is one of my go-to’s when I’m figuring out what to eat. I always have cans on hand in the pantry. Sometimes I’ll pick up a few steaks when I want to prepare a nicer dinner. Besides being very versatile, there are many health benefits. It’s full of protein, Omega-3 fatty acids (helps with issues like cholesterol and heart disease) and vitamins.

“This is one of my favorites for a date night type dinner,” says Ashley Burnam (Phoenix, AZ). “It doesn’t take long and it looks really pretty when it’s plated.”

Ashley’s Seared Ahi Over Asian Green Beans and Carrots is perfect. A quick sear cooks the tuna steaks to medium-rare perfection. The steak sits on a bed of slightly crisp carrots and fresh green beans. The veggies are sauteed in teriyaki sauce, butter, and honey. They’re sweet, salty and so good.

Another tuna recipe I love is Lynnie Denton’s (Dublin, OH) Tuna Steak Salad. It’s better than anything you’d pay a fortune for at a restaurant.

“I love beautiful, colorful salads with a healthy dose of protein to make a perfect meal,” explains Lynnie. “I place the tuna onto the salad shortly after cooking to allow the juices from the warm tuna to flow down into the veggie mixture. Serve it with a warm, toasty baguette to make it a meal.”

The flavor and texture bell pepper and avocado gives the salad is a fantastic combination. Fresh Parmesan sprinkled on top adds saltiness and is the perfect last touch. This salad is hearty enough for a delicious meal and comes together in under 20 minutes.

Lynda Hayes (Port Saint Lucie, FL) Healthy Choice Tuna Melt is a sandwich I throw together often for lunch.

“I have always loved tuna melts,” shares Lynda. “Lots of mayonnaise, cheese, and high carb bread. I am dropping a bit of winter weight by eating lighter. So here is my new healthier version of the tuna melt.”

This revamped sandwich is delicious. It cuts back on the fat, but you don’t lose any of the taste. The bit of mayo makes it creamy and I like the crunchiness celery adds. I was curious about microwaving the sandwich. With the bread being toasted and the quick time in the microwave, it doesn’t get rubbery – just melts the cheese a bit. Yum!

Geraldine Quesenberry (Boynton Beach, FL) uses fresh steamed tuna in her Outer Banks Fresh Tuna Salad.

“This recipe was given to me by my brother, Jerry, who lives in the Outer Banks in North Carolina,” reveals Geraldine. “His seafood dishes are to die for, and this one will have you lining up! It makes about 4 lbs and lasts up to seven days.”

Serve this fresh tuna salad when you’re hosting a party or want to meal prep lunch for a few days – it makes a lot. Pickles, onions, celery, and capers are mixed in which adds tons of texture and flavor to the tuna. Serve on a sandwich or over lettuce for a tasty lunch.

If I’m talking tuna, I have to share the ultimate tuna recipe – tuna casserole. Serve Sandra Ann Marie Harvey’s (Dallas, PA) Tuna Casserole for dinner and you’ll have one happy family.

“My mom used to make this when I was growing up, says Sandy. “She passed it down to me and I have been making it for many years. My husband and kids love how cheesy and cream it is.”

This recipe is very good and surprisingly quick to make. An easy weeknight meal when you don’t have time for a complicated dinner. I loved the addition of a layer of American cheese. The filling is creamy and cheese on top just adds another layer of creamy goodness to the dish.

If you don’t get tired of a good tuna salad or piece of tuna, save these recipes to your Recipe Box. If you’re doing Fish Friday, they’ll make a tasty addition to your menu. Happy Pinching!