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Feast on Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

Cheesy Green Bean Casserole

Whether you’re getting ready to prepare your 20th Thanksgiving meal or your first, there’s always anxiety. Will the turkey cook properly? Will the sides all come out warm? What recipes should I make? We’ve all been there. To help, I put together a dinner menu of easy Thanksgiving recipes that your friends and family will love.

The star of Thanksgiving dinner is turkey. Nell Stewart’s (Georgetown, TX) Roast Turkey is a super easy way to prepare it.

“For you new cooks or those who have not used a roasting bag, this is a no-fail method and you do not have to baste the turkey during the cooking,” shares Nell. “I have been using this method since the bags first came out over 20 years ago.”

Once you place the turkey in the oven, there is no tending to it until you need to insert the thermometer and check the temperature. Bonnie Williams (Mount Horeb, WI) used this recipe and said, “The turkey is fall apart tender, juicy, and golden brown.” Clean up is a breeze too.

A green bean casserole recipe has to be made on Thanksgiving. It goes with the turkey like peas and carrots. A recipe I love is Jennifer DeShazo’s (Rossville, TN) Cheesy Green Bean Casserole.

“My family loves the extra ‘umph’ the added mushrooms and cheese provide,” Jennifer tells us. The cheese takes this traditional casserole up several notches. In fact, one person in the Test Kitchen said it was the best green bean casserole they’d ever eaten. Seriously cheesy, this will be a stellar addition to your menu.

Cornbread stuffing was one of my favorite parts of a holiday meal growing up, so I fell in love with Susan Seybert’s (Philadelphia, PA) Slap Yo’ Mama Sausage Stuffing. One bite of this tasty dressing recipe and childhood memories came flooding back.

“I just couldn’t find a stuffing or filling recipe that I was wild about,” explains Susan. “So, I created this one and it has been a hit at Thanksgiving for the last 10 years.” Incorporating sausage adds a punch of flavor to this extremely moist stuffing recipe.

Cheesy corn casseroles are a delicious addition to the holiday table. “My kids insist on having this Corn Casserole every Thanksgiving and Christmas as one of our traditional side dishes,” says Muna Escobar’s (Knoxville, TN).

Muna’s recipe doesn’t have the usual texture of corn souffle, but rather a moist cornbread texture. It’s very satisfying – a rib-sticking, hearty side dish. It could be served with turkey or ham but, I think your family will love it so much you may find yourself preparing the recipe year around.

Teena Hval’s (Milwaukie, OR) Best Ever Sweet Potato Pudding is destined to be on your Thanksgiving table.

“This recipe calls for grated sweet potatoes,” explains Teena.”A food processor could be used for the potatoes.” Using the food processor is a great meal prep tip. It shreds the potatoes in no time and makes preparing this side dish really easy to prepare.

It’s creamy, not too sweet, and so delicious. I really loved the slight crunch from the brown sugar crust.

Homemade rolls are a great addition to any meal and Melody U’s (Jackson, MI) Nanner Rolls are fluffy, soft and cooked to perfection.

“I’ve been making this recipe for 23 years, ever since my mother-in-law gave it to me and she’s been making it for decades longer,” reveals Melody. “I’ve not found one the family likes better.”

These are going to become your go-to rolls. Easy to make, the hardest part is waiting for the dough to rise. Once baked, add a pat of butter to the airy center, take a bite and you’ll be in heaven.

Preparing for a holiday meal can be hectic. Hopefully, these recipes will help you figure out what to serve and check menu preparation of the to-do list. If you’re looking for more turkey or side ideas, check out our Thanksgiving recipes collection. And, don’t think I forgot about dessert… next week I’m going to spotlight five fantastic holiday pies. Happy Pinching!