Thanksgiving Dinner Disasaters

Did the Thanksgiving turkey not thaw out in time? Was the turkey cooked for two days? Start a fire on the stove after forgetting about the gravy? It seems everyone has a Thanksgiving dinner disaster and we loved reading your stories. Here are some disasters everyone can probably relate to. Let's hope none of these are repeated today!

Sallye Bates

Sallye learned the hard way cooking a turkey is not as easy as you think.

Maggie ^O^

Did you buy a foil pan to cook the turkey in today? You might rethink using it after reading Maggie's story.

Cassie *

Cassie's stuffing was extra special (and sparkly) one Thanksgiving.

Connie Ottman

What do you do when a water main breaks the morning of Thanksgiving? If you're Connie, you don't panic. OK ... maybe you panic, but then you figure out a plan.

Debbie Sue

It wasn't so much Debbie Sue who had the Thanksgiving dinner disaster, but her sister. Let's just say where there's smoke, there's fire.

Andy Anderson

If anyone needs a plumber on Thanksgiving, give Andy a call. He learned the hard way.

Helen Phalen

Everyone wants to make a great impression to their in-laws at the holidays. When Helen first hosted Thanksgiving, we bet they were asking for extra glasses of water.

Ginny Potter

There's always gravy for the turkey on Thanksgiving. Unless you're at Ginny's family dinner.

Mary Gendron

If you run a restaurant it should be a piece of cake to close for the day and host the family for Thanksgiving. Or is it?

J White Harris

Timing is everything when carving a turkey... just ask J White Harris.

Joyce Lanning

Can a turkey eat aluminum foil? Apparently yes!

Robyn Rowe

Robyn's turkey day tip... don't let kids touch the oven.

Cheryl Rickman

Ever had your gravy explode? Cheryl has... and the aftermath wasn't pretty.

Charlotte Carlile

Charlotte's mom used a Radar Range (a precursor to the microwave) to prepare their Thanksgiving turkey and learned that you need to pierce the skin. What happens if you don't? You end up with a lot of laughter and an exploded turkey.

Lucie Batte

After her first Thanksgiving we're pretty sure Lucie never made rolls in her Pyrex again.

Jeanne Russo

If at the grocery store the day after Thanksgiving watch out for ice skating turkeys.

Sue Fisher

Being a new mom, Sue was very excited to host Thanksgiving. She quickly learned, though, proper tools are needed to create the feast. And it's always wise to have a fire extinguisher on hand.

Suzi Willis

What do you do if there's lumps in the gravy? You put it in the blender, right? Suzi found remnants from that idea for years to come!

Louise Cook

What do you do when your cheesecake hasn't set after SIX HOURS? Louise quickly thought of a "new" dessert and it was the hit of Thanksgiving.

You can read all the Thanksgiving dinner disaster stories from Just A Pinch members. Our friends at Facebook shared their stories too!


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