What Your Dog Can Safely Feast On This Thanksgiving

We know you’re thankful for your four-legged friend and want to treat him/her to all the foods. Especially when they give you those adorable puppy eyes (swoon). However, do you know what’s fair-to-share and what you should keep to yourself? Here’s a guide for what to feed your pup this Thanksgiving.

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Pumpkin – We know you have no shortage of pumpkin during Thanksgiving, so feel free to share the deliciousness with your pooch. Not only will the most basic dog have the wiggliest of butts, but pumpkin also helps with your pup’s digestive issues – aka all of the wins! Warning: no pumpkin pie!!

Sweet Potato – No, you can’t give them the brown sugar marshmallow-ified sweet potato casserole, but feel free to share steamed or baked sweet potatoes. Full of nutrients and super yummy flavor, you will receive lots of puppy kisses for treating your dog to some sweet potato.

Apples – What to do with those leftover apples post apple pie? Share them with your pup! A healthy and yummy treat, just make sure you skip the seeds by slicing the apple. Full of vitamin A and vitamin C, apples are a great Thanksgiving treat for your dog.

Turkey – We’re well aware that you get major puppy eyes when you’re cooking/cutting/eating the Thanksgiving turkey. Give your four-legged friend a feast of some treat-sized, fully-cooked, skinless, boneless turkey.

Green Beans – Have some extra green beans that aren’t coated in butter and fried onions? Then feel free to share these healthy, low-calorie snacks with your dog. Pro tip: Personally, my pup (even though he is color blind) avoids all things green. Get him/her to eat these good-for-them snacks by eating one first. They’ll think they are getting the best treat ever!

Carrots – Ditch the sugary glaze and feed your pooch bite-size cooked or raw carrots. Not only will they love the crunch, it will also keep them entertained for a bit.


Stuffing – Most stuffing recipes are full of onions, garlic, grapes/raisins, leeks, scallions and other spices that are huge no-no’s for pooches. So just skip it! Also – skip any other menu items that include any of the above!

Gravy – Life would be way easier if you could just top off your pup’s normal food with some gravy; however, it contains far too much fat and sodium.

Bones – Yes, all dogs love bones…but not tiny, cooked turkey bones! Not only can the bones lodge themselves in a dog’s intestines, but they can also get stuck in the esophagus or cause vomiting.

Alcohol – Just say no to any kind of alcohol for your four-legged friend. From wine to beer to alcohol-induced recipes are not allowed.

Chocolate – In case you have been living under a rock, we have really impawtent (see what we did there?) info for you: CHOCOLATE = BAD. On that note, avoid dough, batter and nutmeg as well.

Rather play it safe and just make your pup some doggie-approved treats? Here are 17 homemade dog treats for your fur-baby!

Have a very happy (and puptastic) Thanksgiving!

I think I like Fall best… there are toys for me to chase everywhere!

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