#Warm Recipes

Ricotta Zeppole Recipe

Ricotta Zeppole

By Amy Scotti
Typical carnival fair with twist. The addition of ricotta cheese gives it so much more...

Ultimate Apple Pie Cookies Recipe

Ultimate Apple Pie Cookies

By Monica H
Easy and amazing; tastes just like an apple pie! To make it even more amazing,...

Pasties Out Of Crescents Recipe

Pasties out of Crescents

By Beth M.
I realized I had two packages of Crescent rolls, and I had leftover veggies, meatballs from...

Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

Buffalo Chicken Dip

By Patti Jones
My friend Christine shared this recipe with me after we enjoyed it at her home. I...

Hot Chocolate Honey Graham Milk Recipe

Hot Chocolate Honey Graham Milk

By Sophia F
Just tried it out! I realized i really didn't like plain chocolate milk. So I added...