Blue Ribbon #Vanilla Recipes

Mamaw Soles Pecan Puffs Recipe

Mamaw Soles Pecan Puffs

Stacey Exley
By Stacey Exley

This recipe has been passed down three generations now that I know of and I just...

Bea's Homemade White Cake Recipe

Bea's Homemade White Cake

Bea L.
By Bea L.

This cake is sweet and so good that it doesn't need anything else. But topping it...

Vanilla Bean Dream Cheesecake Recipe

Vanilla Bean Dream Cheesecake

Susan Sumpter-Loebig
By Susan Sumpter-Loebig

This has been my only cheesecake recipe for over 25 years. It's impossibly decadent and creamy,...

Citrus Coconut Milk Cake Recipe

Citrus Coconut Milk Cake

Maggie May Schill
By Maggie May Schill

I went over to a Christmas gathering last month at my friend James' house. He had...