Summer Dessert Recipes

Summer Desserts!

White Almond Cupcakes with Strawberry... Recipe

White Almond Cupcakes with Strawberry...

Didi Dalaba
By Didi Dalaba

When I read my friend Bea's "homemade white cake recipe", my mouth started to drool... I...

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Peaches and Cream Cookies Recipe

Peaches and Cream Cookies

Kelly Schulte
By Kelly Schulte

I love making these fancy cookies for parties! These are an adults only cookie as they...

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Lemon Ice Cream Recipe

Lemon Ice Cream

Pat Morris
By Pat Morris

This is a delicious and easy ice cream, which does not require an ice cream maker....

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Cinnamon Ice Cream Recipe

Cinnamon Ice Cream

Kim Cleaves
By Kim Cleaves

Used to have this at a restaurant our family went to on Sundays. Missed it...

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Fruit Terrine (Red White & Blue!) Recipe

Fruit Terrine (Red White & Blue!)

Suze Jones
By Suze Jones

Looking over my summer recipes I came across this lovely and delicious fruit terrine. It makes...

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