Summer Dessert Recipes

Summer Desserts!

Chocolate Disgust Recipe

Chocolate Disgust

Tara Pacheco
By Tara Pacheco

This recipe was originally introduced to me by my Aunt. It was her signature dessert she...

Island Cookie Bars Recipe

Island Cookie Bars

Emily Glover
By Emily Glover

These bars bring back memories of my honeymoon in the Bahamas. Naturally, I love every bite!

Chocolate Cherry Beauties Recipe

Chocolate Cherry Beauties

Cassandra Nasr
By Cassandra Nasr

A delicious showstopper of a cookie. I make these cookies for Christmas, and more recently had...

Rock Star Hot Fudge Cake Recipe

"Rock Star" Hot Fudge Cake

Bill Wentz
By Bill Wentz

Sooooo simple but Sooooo GOOD, my guests last night thought I was some type of "Rock...

Carrot Halwa Recipe

Carrot Halwa

Vasupradha Raghav-Vasudevan
By Vasupradha Raghav-Vasudevan

A traditional Indian sweet...passed down through generations... I still remember the day like yesterday when my paternal...

White Almond Cupcakes with Strawberry... Recipe

White Almond Cupcakes with Strawberry...

Didi Dalaba
By Didi Dalaba

When I read my friend Bea's "homemade white cake recipe", my mouth started to drool... I...

Peaches and Cream Cookies Recipe

Peaches and Cream Cookies

Kelly Schulte
By Kelly Schulte

I love making these fancy cookies for parties! These are an adults only cookie as they...

Lemon Ice Cream Recipe

Lemon Ice Cream

Pat Morris
By Pat Morris

This is a delicious and easy ice cream, which does not require an ice cream maker....