#Sugar Recipes

Lofthouse Sugar Cookies Recipe

Lofthouse Sugar Cookies

Annamaria Settanni McDonald
By Annamaria Settanni McDonald

Lofthouse Sugar cookies are those soft cake like sugar cookies you find at the grocery store...

Perfect Sugar Cookies Recipe

Perfect Sugar Cookies

Becca Smith
By Becca Smith

The BEST sugar cookies you will ever make. Great for cut-outs & decorating! They can be...

Green Bean casserole Recipe

Green Bean casserole


One bite and you will never go back to the "old way" of making green bean...

Creamy Pancake Syrup Recipe

Creamy Pancake Syrup

Cassie *
By Cassie *

Delicious on anything you would use syrup for... You won't want to buy store bought again. Enjoy! My...

Orange Glazed Carrots Recipe

Orange Glazed Carrots

Marina Neff
By Marina Neff

I was making an Orange juice chicken dish for a friend and her partner one night....