Soup Recipes

Easy loaded baked potato soup! Recipe

Easy loaded baked potato soup!

vickie pertuset
By vickie pertuset

This recipe came about as a fluke! Was looking in my cabinet for something to thicken...

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Shrimp Stock Recipe

Shrimp Stock

Donna Graffagnino
By Donna Graffagnino

Chef Paul Prudhomme has always said "Don't add water to a dish when you can add...

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Joe's Kickin Chili Recipe

Joe's Kickin Chili

Joe Hoesche
By Joe Hoesche

If you like it a bit more spicy you can use fresh jalapenos or hot pickled....

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Kraft's French Onion Soup with Bacon Recipe

Kraft's French Onion Soup with Bacon

Krystal McDow
By Krystal McDow

I got this from Kraft's Food and Family Cookbook. This is not a weight watcher recipe....

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Crab & shrimp gumbo Recipe

Crab & shrimp gumbo

Chuck Cassaro
By Chuck Cassaro

Here is another recipe that can be made while you're at the track or camping or...

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Mexican Bean Soup Recipe

Mexican Bean Soup

Kris Krajacic
By Kris Krajacic

There is a mexican restaurant we go to that serves soup with their meals. I...

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Grandma's Shrimp Creole Recipe

Grandma's Shrimp Creole

Raven Higheagle
By Raven Higheagle

My family is originally from Galveston, Texas. It was a tradition to go stay with my...

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Quibombo (Cuban Okra Stew) Recipe

Quibombo (Cuban Okra Stew)

Raven Higheagle
By Raven Higheagle

Shrimp, tomatoes, bell pepper and pork are classic flavors in Cuban Quibombo and Cajun gumbo. Cuban...

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Beer-Beef Stew Recipe

Beer-Beef Stew

Amy Herald
By Amy Herald

This stew has an excellent flavor. I believe I got the recipe from an old 1980's...

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Cabbage Roll Soup Recipe

Cabbage Roll Soup

Vickie Parks
By Vickie Parks

I've made so many versions of this soup recipe over the years, and this is the...

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Chicken Gnocchi Soup Recipe

Chicken Gnocchi Soup

Diane Hopson Smith
By Diane Hopson Smith

I had lunch at Olive Garden yesterday with my sister. I enjoyed a bowl of their...

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Creamy Roasted Poblano Soup Recipe

Creamy Roasted Poblano Soup

Adriana Torres
By Adriana Torres

This cream made with Poblano peppers can be enjoyed in various ways. It is the perfect...

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