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Albondigas soup Recipe

Albondigas soup

sue pearson
By sue pearson

This soup is soooo good My good friend gave me this recipes. She kept asking if...

Albondigas Soup ( Mexican Meatball soup) Recipe

Albondigas Soup ( Mexican Meatball soup)

Charlotte Chaffin
By Charlotte Chaffin

This is a family favorite. As with any Soup make it your own. Add carrots,green peppers~Grandma...

Albondigas Soup (meatball soup) Recipe

Albondigas Soup (meatball soup)

Terry Lowenstein
By Terry Lowenstein

Albondigas soup is the first thing I want at a Mexican Restaurant. I've had several...

Albondigas (vegetable and meatball) Soup Recipe

Albondigas (vegetable and meatball) Soup

Celeste Drake
By Celeste Drake

My family loves this soup...whenever we get together in the winter time there is always bound...

Alfredo Soup Recipe

Alfredo Soup

Karen Sills
By Karen Sills

My take on alfredo pasta in a soup. Nice on those cold days when you...

Alicia's Everything Soup Recipe

Alicia's Everything Soup

Alicia .
By Alicia .

This started as an Italian style fagoli, and has turned into a "raid the pantry" kind...