Soup Recipes

Amish Chilly Day Soup Recipe


By Roda Laser
Several years ago my co-workers and I started collecting recipes. This is one of those. I...

Amish Church Noodles Recipe

Amish Church Noodles

By Ashley M
This recipe is the perfect dish for cold days. Easy to prepare and few ingredients make...

Amy's Chili Recipe

Amy's Chili

By Amy Fore
Everyone in my family always ask me to bring the chili so I'm guessing it must...

An Onion Soup Call'd The King's Soup Recipe

An Onion Soup Call'd the King's Soup

By Bonnie Lee
This recipe is adapted from The Lady's Companion, a cookbook published in 1753, which was owned...

Anise Soup Recipe

Anise Soup

By Jim Decker
This is a seasonal soup the Anise is hard to find out of season. But this...