Soup Recipes

Almost Instant Cream Soup Recipe

Almost Instant Cream Soup

Shiela Foreman
By Shiela Foreman

This our traditional Christmas Eve meal. Very good and extremely easy for those times when...

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Almost Marly's Chicken Soup Recipe

Almost Marly's Chicken Soup

Stephanie L.
By Stephanie L.

Over 30 years ago,a fellow nursing student and good friend & I used to share lunch,this...

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Almost Tortilla Soup Recipe

Almost Tortilla Soup

Lisa Durham
By Lisa Durham

Exchange yellow onion for green onion and tomatoes for green chili salsa for prep phase.

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Aloo Marsala My Way Recipe

Aloo Marsala My Way

Tara Waites
By Tara Waites

My mother loves food with bold flavors but she has food allergies. I created this version...

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Alphabet Meatball Soup Recipe

Alphabet Meatball Soup

Lisa Nicometi Garrow  Pantry Gal
By Lisa Nicometi Garrow Pantry Gal

Been kinda bored with holiday recipes so was looking thru old recipes and found this soup...

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Eddie Jordan
By Eddie Jordan

HELEN'S PANTRY, Abc's and 123's I remember as a kid having so much fun spelling and...

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Amana Cheese Soup Recipe

Amana Cheese Soup

Amanda Brecht
By Amanda Brecht

I absolutely love this cheese soup recipe. I acquired it from an elderly lady in my...

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Amazing & Easy Potato Soup Recipe

Amazing & Easy Potato Soup

Deb Finney
By Deb Finney

I heard about potato soup made with frozen hash browns and searched out many recipes. ...

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Amazing Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

Amazing Butternut Squash Soup

Linda P
By Linda P

Amazing soup, never had it or made it before this past month. Experimented with a...

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Amazing Chicken Stock Recipe

Amazing Chicken Stock

James Diggs
By James Diggs

I make this at home everytime i make a roast chicken, and it has more flavor...

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