Vegetable Soup in Chickenless Chicken Broth

Lily Moritz


I have to say that this is an amazing, tasty and wholesome recipe. If you are in an area where you can get to a farmers market, then do it. Potatoes have a great shelf life, so if you have some from the last trip you made in the early Fall, then use them.

I think this is a great recipe that people will love because of that fact that it is a VEGAN recipe. You can, however, add your own chicken into the broth to make it an actual chicken soup.

Osem Consomme is labeled as kosher and pareve. This means that it has NO meat and NO dairy products in it.

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6-8 hungry family members or guests
Stove Top


halved, then quartered locally grown, baby gold or cut up gold potatoes (more skin means more nutrients – leave it on)
14 1/2 oz
mixture of chopped celery, carrots and onions (trader joe’s mirepoix)
1 Tbsp
chicken style consomme (more if necessary) (osem instant soup & seasoning mix, chicken style consomme)
1 c
elbow pasta (barilla)
pepper to taste


1Before you begin:

I don’t recall how long it actually took to make. This all depends on how small you cut your vegetables and how long you are cooking your noodles or pasta for. It is important to follow the cooking instructions for the consomme as that should be added about three minutes towards the end.

There really isn’t a need for salt, but if you must, I’d recommend sea salt.
2Put the water, potatoes, and veggies into a large pot.
3Bring this to a boil. You will want the potatoes to be soft.
4Add pasta. Cook pasta until desired tenderness is reached.
5While pasta is still boiling, add the soup mix. Bring to boil while stirring. Reduce heat to a simmer for 3 minutes.