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Monday was girls day out! So we went for lunch at Klinks on the LAKE, about 30 miles from Spokane, WA. A delish treat! On the way back home we had to stop at a small vegetable farm, for some fresh produce. LOL! We loaded up with cabbage, beets and
Once home I put together a recipe for this chowder, using the whole head. My friends loved it, I hope you will also. It is so creamy and good.
Yesterday we went back for more cabbage, etc. I am now in the process of baking MY RECIPE for STUFFED CABBAGE...48 rolls so far! and counting. Yes I always share with my friends.
Nancy... AUG

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family & guests
25 Min
1 Hr


1 medium
fresh cabbage
1 medium
1/2 lb
bacon (also chopped ham, if you have it)
1 medium
3 medium
white potatoes
olive oil
2 dash(es)
celery seed
2 dash(es)
garlic powder
2 dash(es)
parsley and paprika, at serving time
1 can(s)
evaporated mik
- tsp
horseradish sauce ????...your choice !


1Wash core an finely shred cabbage.
Skin cut up and shred onion, add to the the cabbage.
Peel and dice potatoes, put in a pan with water, and cook. When done drain and set side.
***Did you know you can make bread with potato water???
2Cook up the bacon. Drain and cut up.
Set aside for later. If adding baked ham...just dice up and add to the bacon.
Ham is optional.
3Put cabbage and onion and olive oil in a large pot ,and sweat cabbage and onion on a low setting, stirring often till done.
4Peel core and dice apple.
Put apple, bacon, ham ,cooked potatoes, celery seed and garlic powder to the pot of cabbage.
Add can of evaporated milk , along with 1 can of water..
Heat and cook on low till done, stir often.
5When ready to serve, milk can be added, if needed.
Sprinkle parsley flakes and paprika on top.
I like to add hard boiled eggs, sliced or crumbled on top.
Naturally, with a wee bit of HORSE RADISH SAUCE!
This chowder is great served with any bread recipe,
like my :OVERNIGHT CRUSTY BREAD and no kneading.

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