Yvonne Sones Recipe

By Yvonne Sones Gomma


Another oldie goldie from my childhood.

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pasta, cooked

Directions Step-By-Step

Add your precooked pasta and milk together in a pan.As if you were making soup.
Heat till nice and warm. Add, salt, pepper and a couple pats of butter. Once the butter has melted, eat and enjoy!

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Course/Dish: Other Soups
Other Tags: Quick & Easy, For Kids, Healthy
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penny curtis penell5
Nov 5, 2011
Wow!!! I was really suprised to see this.I thought I our's was the only family that ate one else seems to have heard of it. I loved it as a kid and still do!
penny curtis penell5
Nov 5, 2011
We actually called it Macaroni & milk
Yvonne Sones Gomma
Nov 5, 2011
It is amazing how we ate so many strange things growing up. We came from a not so wealthy family that survived on what we had. My poor grandmother raised my sister and I and we came out just fine! We also had ' noodles and eggs ' and you would eat it with ketchup on it. I still eat it today! Not very fond of fancy stuff, just plain ol' food!!! Glad to know I am not the only one, Penny!!!
Straws Kitchen CinCooks
Dec 4, 2011
Milk`Mac...loved it. Hey, it was filling and much better than going to bed hungry. I grew up in a not so wealthy fam also, way out in the sticks on a running water in the house and no indoor bathroom. We did have electricy and one heater in the house, it was in the livingroom.

Our Mom would take her iron and set it on the heater until it got hot then she'd iron our sheets (yes, they were on our beds), so we could jump into a warm bed in the freezing winters since there was no heat in any of the bedrooms.
We had a well right out the kitchen door in the back....and the outhouse was way out close to the barn.

We'd also have "Milk & Rice Cereal"...was made with the leftover rice. We'd warm some milk up in a saucepan with a pat of butter and pour over the leftover rice.
And if we had leftover cornbread we'd do the same with it..."Cornbread Cereal".
My Grandmother would eat "Coffee Soup"......she'd warm some milk & leftover coffee in a saucepan with a pat of butter, when heated then pour into a soup bowl and dunk leftover toast into it.

aaawwwwwwww, memories.