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Chicken Stuffed Pepper Soup

By Angela Haataja childoflight07

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Angela's Story

This is just a little twist on the traditional "Stuffed Pepper soup" that is usually made with ground beef.


2 large
green bell peppers
onions, small white
4 medium
2 12 oz. can(s)
crushed tomatoes
chicken breasts, boneless and skinless
2 can(s)
green chiles, mild
1 Tbsp
garlic powder
2 Tbsp
3 c
chicken broth

Directions Step-By-Step

Chop all your veggies, {green peppers, onion, carrots, celery} Place in Large Soup kettle (pot)
Pour 3 cups of chicken broth ( I use bouillon ) in pot with veggies add cumin and garlic powder and stir in can of crushed tomato and green chilies.
Cook over med. heat for approx. 1 hour or until carrots reach desired tenderness. Add diced raw chicken and allow to cook for an additional 5-10 min. or until chicken is done.
Serve over rice or as is, I like mine over rice but my husband prefers his without.

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Course/Dish: Chicken Soups
Other Tags: Quick & Easy, Healthy

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  • user
    Esther Blondo Juliannarose - Feb 18, 2012
    Do I cook the chicken first then add to vegetables or cook with the vegetables? Thanks! Es
  • user
    Esther Blondo Juliannarose - Feb 18, 2012
    What size cans for crushed tomatoes?
  • user
    Helaine Norman knish - Feb 18, 2012
    Nothing in the directions mention the chicken. When do you add it and does it need to be pre-cooked or raw when added to the soup. Does it need to be shredded, chopped, what?
  • user
    Angela Haataja childoflight07 - Feb 18, 2012
    I chopped the chicken and added it last, after all the veggies were thoroughly cooked, so when everything else looks done throw in your chicken, this keeps it from getting too tough, if you dice it small enough it should cook all the way through once its in the soup within about a 5 min. period.

    Hope that helps, I am a writer,and I am an excellent cook, but I suck at giving directions. Sorry.
  • user
    Angela Haataja childoflight07 - Feb 18, 2012
    Chicken should be raw!!!!! (not pre-cooked)

    Canned tomatoes are the smaller cans (10-12 oz.)Not exactly sure dont have one handy to check the exact size, I will re-post when I know for sure.