Chicken Soup Recipes

Mexican Chicken Soup Recipe

Mexican Chicken Soup

By Brian Blackley
Moving into the cold nights of fall and early winter, this makes excellent comfort food with...

Killer White Chili Recipe

Killer White Chili

By Suzanne Mills
This white chili has likewise won me many awards whenever I have entered it in contests...Its...

Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

Chicken Tortilla Soup

By Becky Adkins
My family LOVES this soup. We were huge fans of Max and Erma's and our restaurant...

Rice And Chicken Soup Recipe

Rice and Chicken Soup

By Dave .
A very soothing, very filling soup, serve with some crusty bread and a nice salad. ...

Mexican Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

Mexican Chicken Noodle Soup

By barbara lentz
Simple recipe for a delicious chicken soup with Mexican flavors. If you like the heat chop...