Beef Soup Recipes

Taco Soup With Hominy Recipe

Taco Soup with Hominy

By Leah Stacey
This taste soooo good! It is perfectly seasoned and a nice change of pace from the...

Jimmy's Mulligan Stew Recipe

Jimmy's Mulligan Stew

By Diane Hopson Smith
Mulligan stew is an improvised dish said to have been prepared by American hobos in camps...

What Is Heavy Cream? Recipe

What is Heavy Cream?

By JoSele Swopes
Functions and Uses Heavy cream, or heavy whipping cream, is used for filling baked goods and...

Beef Barley Soup Recipe

Beef Barley Soup

By Melody U.
This is a favorite in the winter and I'm often requested to make it for 'soup...

Hobo Stew Recipe

Hobo Stew

By Rikki Stape
One of my hubby's favorite recipes. **Note** --If only making for 2, only use 2 potatoes. 5-6 for...