Great Northern Beans and Ham Soup

Gary Hancq Recipe

By Gary Hancq SidEFied

8 to 10
15 Min
4 Hr

This is a Palate Pleaser on a cold Winter's Day or Night. The Smoked Ham Hocks make this dish, and I don't make Ham and Beans without them. Served with sliced Corn Bread it is Heaven in a Bowl.

A Crowd Pleaser at our Place. I trim the rind and fat from the Ham Hock in large 2" hunks so that that those don't like it don't get it served to them. And, that is alright by me. It's the best part in my opinion.

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1 pkg
great northern beans dry 16 oz. could use smaller navy beans
smoked ham hocks (need smoked variety)
2 to 3 c
ham good quality diced to size of beans
medium to large onion diced coarse
2 to 3
carrots shredded (optional for color)
salt and pepper to taste

Directions Step-By-Step

I don't pre-soak my beans. You could. Place dried beans and 2 Smoked Ham Hocks in large soup pan and add water 2" to 4" above beans. You'll be adding more water as the beans absorb it. The beans will expand. Salt at end of process, Ham and Ham Hocks are naturally salty. I start in soup pot to speed cooking then transfer to crock pot. You could sub dry beans with canned beans, quicker yet.
Cook at high simmer or low boil until beans are cooked and tender, about 1 hour. Stir occasionally. When beans are cooked remove Ham Hocks and trim off lean meat and chop medium fine. There won't be much lean meat. I trim the rind and fat in large 2" pieces so that those that don't like it don't get served it in their bowl.
Add the shredded Carrots (Optional), and the chopped Onion. Add the 2 or 3 cups of Ham chopped to size of beans. Add additional water as required.
Simmer for 2 to 3 additional hours. Taste and adjust salt and pepper at end. Serve with Corn Bread (My Choice) or bread of choice. Call some friends in and enjoy.
This could be done in crock pot, reserving all but the Beans and Ham Hocks until after the beans have become tender. You may have to reduce quantity slightly, or remove and reserve some of the beans after they are cooked, and re-add later. Removal and trimming of the Ham hocks should provide room for the cubed Ham. Crock Pot 4 to 5 hours.
Note: This is a wholesome soup and will stand up to additional added water when re-heating. You will want to thin it out.

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Jan Mullikin jmulliki
Apr 13, 2010
A good ham hock can make anything much better!! I love the smell of the house with a cottage ham, too!
Gary Hancq SidEFied
Apr 19, 2010
Jan, this is one of my son's favorites. I always make a large batch. It freezes well. I either Crock Pot or cook it in a big pan on the stove. Great with Corn Bread. Happy Cooking. Gary
Tess (TJM) Moore tmoo
Feb 22, 2012
have you tried doing this in a pressure cooker???
nicole ryan pcarnln
May 20, 2012
I tried this recipe and say it's Family Tested & Approved!
nicole ryan pcarnln
May 20, 2012
We made this for dinner tonight. I cooked it all day then put in crock pot. My kids and husband loved it. It was great, made with homemade cornbread.
May 20, 2012 - nicole ryan shared a photo of this recipe. View photo
Gary Hancq SidEFied
May 21, 2012
Tess and Nicole, I haven't tried this in a pressure cooker, but I am sure you could. the only caution would be that the beans don't overcook and turn to mush. I've got two pressure cookers and have not used them in twenty years. I prefer to slow roast in the oven. Nicole, glad you tried it, I cook in a large soup pot for three to five hours. The crock pot would work very well. But I would need three or more crock pots. I make a large batch and then freeze so I can enjoy for a few months. Happy Cooking to You Both, Gary
janene davids janenejan
Oct 3, 2012
I made these today,followed your instructions and these beans are amazing and so easy. Thanks for the great recipe.
Pat Reynolds lotterygirl
Jan 6, 2013
great recipe Love this when it's cold out after shoveling snow ,mmmmmmmmmmmit just warm u all the way thru !!!! thanks 4 a great recipe again~!!love it pat
Lynette Comment Myers NetteLoves2Cook
Nov 6, 2015
Trying this recipe tomorrow. Have all my ingriedients ready to go. Will soak beans overnight. Can't wait!!